What is Romance?

--- What Is Romance ? ---

''Romance is a pleasurable feeling of excitement associated with love. It is a feeling of deep attachment and affection that goes beyond all known human bonds''

I've received a number of messages from visitors who want to know the correct definition of the concept of romance. This is understandable, considering the fact that this website deals on the most part, with romance and romance ideas.

Romance is a very wide concept, but I will do our best to provide a definition that is agreeable as possible. Let me start by telling you a short story.

It was a bright summer afternoon in London. Shaun and I were driving on Victoria Embankment. We were heading home from a party. when the red right showed, I brought my car to a halt. Shaun had stopped just a few inches away from me, on the same traffic lane. He was in his car with his girlfriend.

When I looked at them from my car, they were passionately kissing each other. I smiled and waited for the green light to show. When it finally did, I took off. But I realised Shaun had stayed put. It was just what I was expecting to happen. When hundreds of cars behind him horned in anger, I knew Shaun and his girl friend had forgotten where they were.

It has always been like that between them and we’d nicked-name them ‘The Romantics’

romance couple on a beautiful beach

So, what is romance? Romance is a pleasurable feeling of excitement associated with love. It means to court or pursue amorously.

It also refers to the love between a boy and a girl, a man and a woman. It is a feeling of deep attachment and affection that goes beyond all known human bonds. It cannot be easily defined but only experienced.

In romantic love, a person feels inspired. Romance is an emotion of the heart and it gives and makes one feel good. It makes one feel in heaven.

  • Romance means a beautiful dinner for two in a room lit purely by candles
  • Romance means falling asleep in your lover’s arms.
  • Romance means a walk through a crowded museum or along a quiet path in a forest.
  • Romance means giving your lover a massage.
  • It means waking up next to your partner.
  • It’s talking about nothing for a long time and afterwards feeling you’ve solved the world’s greatest problem.
  • It means knowing that he is always there for you and vice versa, to love you unconditionally, in sickness and in health, in good and bad times, to honour and to respect you, to laugh with you and to cry with you.
  • Romance means to cherish you for as long as both of you live.

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I don't remember how I first came across this site. But I do remember to visit it everyday. It's a very good website, with top, reliable and very organised information.

I am so grateful I found this site. It has not only helped me to improve my romantic life. It has made me to look at relationships from an entirely different perspective.

And that's not all. Through this website, I learned to create my own website- not just any website, but one that has made me financially independent.

Thank you very much.

Angelica T, Mexico City, Mexico.

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