Visit Romantic Orebro in Sweden

by M. D. Zigo

Orebro Castle is a very romantic castle and of course the main touristic centre and attract more than 700000 visitors a year.

Orebro Castle is a very romantic castle and of course the main touristic centre and attract more than 700000 visitors a year.

Orebro Castle is a very romantic castle and of course the main touristic centre and attract more than 700000 visitors a year.
Orebro University has over 140000 students and attract students from all over the world.
Orebro City is built along the banks of a river popularly known as Black River
The city is very clean and peaceful, and very romantic of-course

--- Romantic Orebro --- photos by Morfaw D Zigo

Orebro is a very romantic city. It is a beautiful city in the heart of Sweden. It has a population of about 150,000 people. Among this population are immigrants from over one hundred and fifty different nationalities. The city is 200km away from Stockholm, Sweden's capital.

Also, it is only 300km away from Oslo, the Norwegian capital.

Because of its strategic location, it's a natural logistic centre for the Scandinavia. Its attractive location makes Orebro a multi-faceted business region and has an ideal place for trains, buses as well as an airport.

The City Centre.

The natural centre of the city is the magnificent Orebro Castle. It is situated on an islet in a river popularly known as Black river.

This castle was constructed during the early 13th century. It was then modified and enlarged during the reign of king Gustav Vasa, in the 1960's.

The main, best touristic and romantic centre is of course this castle, which attracts more than 700000 visitors from all over the world.

For over seven hundred years, this castle has kept a watchful eye on everyone crossing the bridge on the River Svartan or Black River.

For Over two hundred years, the castle has been the residence of the county governor, but a great deal of it is opened to the general public, with arts, food, exhibitions and guided tours.

One of the most important places and figurative buildings in Orebro is the water tower otherwise known as Svampen. This is a magnificent tower, with a restaurant at its top.

At the top of this tower is a panoramic view of the city of Orebro, which is of course a small one.

Visit Romantic Orebro: Education and training

Dozens of nine-year compulsory schools exist in Orebro. There are seven upper secondary schools with very different profiles.

Orebro University is one of Sweden's most recent creations. It was upgraded to a full university from a university college in 1999. It has more than 14000 students. Its diversity of course attract students from all
over Sweden.

The university also offers exchanged courses and international masters degrees, and this attracts students from all over the world.
I studied at this prestigious institution of learning from 2006 to 2008.

The University has a university hospital, the main hospital in Orebro.

The transport system is good. The city is well connected with road networks. There are train routes linking all towns and cities close by, such as Stockholm and Oslo. With a bike you can go to almost everywhere. Buses operate everyday and late into the nights.

Night Life:
Night life's good, especially during the summer, when you can get out door and have a lot of fun. It is pretty cold in the winter, and sometimes, temperatures run down to minus 30 degrees.

Parks and Gardens:
I love nature. I love beautiful parks and gardens. I always have the opinion that any city without its own great parks and gardens surely is as boring as hell. Orebro is a very romantic city and has beautiful gardens and parks, such as Stadparken.

It is a very beautiful park, and located in Wadkoping, Orebro's old town, along the banks of Svartan.

There are many magnificent buildings in Orebro.

The quality of life is high in Orebro, although there is still a need to reduce differences in health, education and participation in the development of society, in order to obtain a sustainable development.

Orebroar'ns still need to open up more to foreigners, be more enlightened and to better understand that tolerance and the respect for one another, irrespective of race, colour, language, etc are primary in civilized societies.

I lived in Orebro for three years. I enjoyed my stay while I was there. I will visit this romantic city often. Someday, especially in the summer, I will return there to traverse its streets, eat in its romantic restaurants, visit its romantic castles, parks and gardens, and have fun with its wonderful people- those that I have met before and those that I am still to meet.

So, get ready and go off to Sweden

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May 29, 2012
by: Anonymous

wow! sounds exciting, im going to study there very soon! any tips??

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