Personalize a Romance Novel and Send it Off as one of Your Unique Romantic Gifts

a girl surrounded by unique romantic gifts

Unique Romantic Gifts?

I could not believe my eyes when I opened my parcel and saw an outstanding romantic gift.

It was a personalized romance novel, one of the best romantic gifts I’d ever received.

It was one of the best romantic gift ideas my partner had ever used, since we met each other.

Just Imagine...

-That you receive a romantic gift.

-It’s a personalized romantic gift- a romantic novel.

-The book’s cover is a picture of you and your partner.

-Everything in the book is personalized to revolve around you!

That’s what I got. Someone out there had used one of the best romantic gift ideas.

You too can send or receive such a special gift. Check below to see a collection of books in store. You can click on each for more information

Click on the Image below to start or get more information.

Romance By You - Personalized Romance Novels!

How does it work?

It’s easy...

The bottom line is that you star in your own personalized novel!

The highly rated service is brought to you by ‘‘ Book By You ’’

'Book By You' combines the power of the internet with digital imaging technology to create a publishing company like no other in the world.

Check Below for a full list of available novels you can personalized

Click for love- a personalized romance novel ER Fever- a personalized romance novel Fierce Moon -a personalized romance novel Love is next door- a personalized romance novel Medieval Passion- a personalized romance novel Pirates of Desire- a personalized romance novel Pride and Prejudice - a personalized romance novel Racing Hearts - a personalized romance novel Starstruck a personalized romance novel Tropical Treasure -a personalized romance novel Western rendezvous - a personalized romance novel Vampire Kisses

By Magic Bound- a personalized romance novel

How do I get a copy? How do I send a copy to my partner?

Also, it’s easy...

There is not much for you to do.

In less than ten minutes, you can co-author your own romance novel by providing the names and features in a full length 100-200 pages book that look and feel just like classic paper back or hardcover novels.

You provide the necessary information and 'Book By You' does the rest.

What happens after that?

A copy (or copies) of your personalized romance novel will be sent to you or to the address you provided.

Just imagine the surprise your partner or you will get after receiving such unique romantic gifts from you.

Click On the Image Below to start Using This Highly Rated Service

Personalized Romance Novels from Book By You

Personalized Romance Novel - Click for Love Personalized Romance Novel - ER Fever! Personalized Werewolf Romance Novel - Fierce Moon! Personalized Romance Novel - Love's Next Door Personalized Medieval Romance Novel - Medieval Passion Personalized Pirate Romance Novel - Pirates of Desire! Personalized Car Racing Romance Novel - Racing Hearts! Personalized Science Fiction Romance Novel - Starstruck! Personalized Romance Novel - Tropical Treasure Personalized Vampire Romance Novel - Vampire Kisses! Personalized Western Romance Novel - Western Rendezvous!

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