Travel Romance Ideas

romance ideas

romance ideas

Are you travelling for love and romantic purposes? Are you planning a romantic vacation with your partner? Here are some travel romance ideas you can use to ensure you enjoy romance while you travel or on vacation.

  • Start by planning a trip together with your partner. Planning a romantic getaway with your partner is fun. Try it.

  • Plan a romantic getaway for two: You can arrange to have a vacation for two only in the weekend. Go with your partner to your favourite town or city. There, book a fancy hotel and spend time there together. Just being there alone, free from the toils of work will enable you to reconnect with your partner.

  • Get away from the city with your partner: If you live in a city, consider escaping the city for a while with your partner to a countryside. Choose a new, breathtaking countryside with beautiful landscapes. There, reconnect with the help of nature.

  • Go Camping: Buy a tent (it's not that expensive!) and go camping in the woods, if there is one near where you live. Don't forget to take a sleeping bag.

  • Drive into the country with your partner and to the highest point overlooking the city. Take a sleeping back. Lie and watch the stars and the city lights flickering. It's very relaxing and romantic.

  • Go to an ocean resort with your partner for a weekend: If there is an Ocean where you live consider driving there with your partner and spend the weekend pampering each other.

  • Kidnap your husband for a romantic weekend: Plan this very well. Book a fantastic hotel in a different city. Park a suitcase, including all the things both of you will need: dresses, oils etc. Then on a Friday when he closes from work, invite him for a little ride. Then hit the highway and inform him you are kidnapping him for a romantic weekend. Then head to the city. I bet he would love the idea.

Most of the above are ideas I use to enjoy romance while I travel. Do you have other ideas? Let me know. Share them below.

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