The Best Valentine Text Messages


Valentine Text Messages

Valentine Text Messages


The 14th of February is a very important day to lovers. Sending the best Valentine text messages to your sweetheart is very important, This is to ensure that you keep the fire burning in your relationship.

Here at, we have a collection of valentine text messages that you can just copy and paste, and then send to your sweet-heart. We have made your work easier. The following is a collection of valentine’s day romantic sms that you can use.

1) How I wish I were your dress, your whole body will be mine to caress. Your life will know no stress, no distress, no regrets. I will put those negative feelings to reverse and we will love like we’ve been possessed with the spirit of love on this Valentine ’s Day.

2) My love, on this valentine’s day just tell me your wish and I will grant it. Your wish is my command. Anything you demand, I will quickly grant because I’m a genie in a bottle who will make your wish come true.

3) My name is Bond, James Bond. No matter how many missions I accomplish and all the enemies that I demolish across the world, I will always call you my favourite girl. My biggest mission is to get you polished with my love.

4) You have made me to fall in love and I’m falling for you so swiftly that I need a parachute to control the fall. It is because you are so cute, that when I gaze at you I get mute. And I would like to land on Valentine’s day.

5) Loving you is like reciting poetry, the words flow in rhyme and nothing beats rhyme’s
beauty. You are the best poem and I get amazed when I read the rhymes which flow so beautifully especially on this Valentine’s day.

6) Now I’m far away. I’m like Odysseus who had been away for twenty years in the Trojan war. But you waited for me patiently during those twenty years my Penelope. Don’t worry about all those suitors. I’m on my way back home to Ithaca. I would strap my bow and kill them all with my arrows upon my return on Valentine’s day.

7) Your handsome face, your muscular body, your gentle hoarse voice all make me melt for you my love. I want to be with you and caress your dreamy body on this Valentine’s day.

8) You are grown and sexy from your beautiful face right down to your toes. You’ve got that perfect shape and perfect smile such that when you are infront of me I start speaking in tongues confused by your beauty.

9) From the moment you flashed your teeth, I knew we had to meet. Your body perfume smelt so sweet. After all this while, there’s something that we need. We need to celebrate our love on Valentine’s day because our lives have been a masterpiece.

10) I’m a news anchor for CNN. Today I told everybody at the newsroom that I have breaking news. They all sprang to action, camera men, make up artists, computer technicians preparing my news item. I started my broadcast:
''Ladies and gentlemen, breaking news just in. Today is Valentine ’s Day and I want to wish my love a very happy Valentine’s day''

I do hope you like my collection and will use it. Do come back for more valentine text messages.

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