Ten Days Of Romance In Copenhagen

by M. D Zigo, Copenhagen, Denmark
(It was all love and romance until someone had to die...)

Ten Days of Romance in Copenhagen

Ten Days of Romance in Copenhagen

Ten Days of Romance in Copenhagen
Free romance stories: 10 Days of Romance in Copenhagen

When I accepted Ulrike's invitation to visit her in Copenhagen, little did I know trouble awaited me after ten days of romance with this Danish woman. I'd originally said no, but I was closest to Copenhagen than I'd ever been. Ulrike had actually screamed ''VISIT ME, VISIT ME, BEFORE YOU RETURN TO LONDON.'' So, I decided to pay her a short visit, a decision Gina, my girlfriend, did not approve.

I was in Malmo, Sweden. Our train took-off at 4:00pm, under a bright Malmo sky. When we crossed the Oresund Bridge that linked Sweden and Denmark, my seat mate told me we'd soon arrive Copenhagen. I became a little nervous for two reasons: I'd never met Ulrike before and was visiting Copenhagen for the first time.

At exactly 4:30PM, our train pulled to a stop at the Central Station. I walked out of the train, and for the first time in my life, I stepped on Copenhagen soil.

Copenhagen- the fist time ever I pronounced Copenhagen was still fresh in my memory. That was a long time ago- when I was still an infant in primary school.

''What is the capital of Denmark?'' the teacher'd asked. No one in our over-crowded class had known the answer, well, except me. But then, I was a shy kid and all I did was murmur it. But the teacher'd heard me and had pointed me out and made me to say it louder.

''Co-pen-ha-gen'' I'd said. To me, it had been so easy to pronounce, but I still chuckle when I remember how hard it had been to some of my fellow mates. Well, it'd been one of my best names. I'd love the name so much that when I grew up, I decided to find numerous pen-pals in that city. Ulrike (yes, a girl's name) was my latest pen pal.

She was waiting for me at the station. I recognised her immediately I saw her. Just above average height, she was wearing a beautiful, almost transparent white summer dress and white sandals. Her beautiful long hair fell on her shoulders. A small ring was on her nose. She was a pretty creature.

She'd once told me there was one thing she didn't like about her body, which was her chest! She'd wanted bigger and fuller breasts and had, for many times, considered breast surgery and augmentation. Well, she was far from being a tomboy. She looked just great.

''Hej Prosper,'' I said, embraced and kissed her on the jaw. Then I gave her the red tulips I'd bought for her in Malmo, as a gift.

I'd started calling her Prosper when she told me Ulrike was the German and Danish version of Ulrika, which meant prosperity and power. I'd shortened prosperity to prosper and I only used it when I was looking for a bit of trouble.

''That's a very unromantic name for a girl or woman. I have told you that many times. Glad you are here and the flowers, aren't they beautiful? Thanks. But I don't like the name Prosper.''

''Ok deary, let me see if I can find a befitting romantic name for you. Princess? No. Dearest? Baby? No. Pretty? Yes. Do you like to be called Pretty Woman?''

She brushed.

''I didn't mean you to go that far. Now, I feel like a kid. But I like it.''

''Ok, Pretty Woman, what's next?''

''Welcome to Copenhagen. It's a very bright and hot summer day. I believe we'll both appreciate a cold drink and maybe, some good food. What do you think?''

''Very cool idea.''

''Come on, then.''

We walked away from the platform and up the stairs to the station lobby. It was very busy and hundreds of people were gravitating there.

''This way,'' Ulrike held my hand and we mingled through the crowd. She didn't let go of my hand when we finally reached outside.

''There is a popular Cafe down there, across the road. It's called Hard Rock Cafe. There is always great food and attention-grabbing rock 'n' roll. I reserved a table for two,'' she told me.

We walked down towards Tivoli Gardens, then crossed the road. Beside the Garden was this popular Cafe. It was filled to the brim. A waitress took us to seat at the far corner, where there was an empty table for two. We sat down. She politely handed the menu to each of us and walked away.

''Lots of choices to start with. What would you have for starters?'' Pretty Woman asked me.

don't know. What would you like?'' She showed me her menu and pointed at a menu item.

''I usually start with Tupelo Chicken Tenders. It's boneless, seasoned and breaded chicken tenders and it's served with honey-mustard and Hickory Bar-B-Que sauces on the side. We can both have it.'' She suggested.

''That's fine.''

It appeared the waiter had kept her eyes on us because the moment we came to a conclusion, she showed up.

''What would you like to have for starters?'' She asked.

We made our order.

''What about the main menu, sir, madame?''

''Please, do come back later.''

''Anything to drink?'' she looked at me.

''Of course. I'll like Stella Artois ...''

''Hey, you are not here in the UK. Have a taste of Denmark. You'll like Carlsberg Beer.'' Pretty woman said. The waitress looked at me. I wanted to tell Ulrike that Stella Artois's a Belgian brand but I didn't.

''Ok, sir?'' the waitress asked.

''Ok.'' I said. ''Only, if my entire system turns upside down, you will be blamed.'' I added and looked at Ulrike. She just laughed.

''Anything else?'' the waitress asked.

''I am pretty sure we are fine for now.'' When the waitress left, Ulrike turned to me.

''Welcome to Copenhagen.'' She said for the second time.

''Thanks.'' I said. I started to scrutinise the Cafe. It was very busy, with people from different cultural backgrounds, speaking different languages. But the 'ja ja', 'jeg', and 'nej' phrases were common.

I scrutinised almost every one, until my eyes fell on a strange looking guy sitting alone three tables away from ours. He was almost topless, with horrible tattoos all over his body. Our eyes met and interlocked for at least five seconds, before we both looked away. Then, he put on his dark eye glasses and hastened out of the Cafe.

When I looked at Ulrike, she frowned for a split second and then started smiling. The waitress arrived just then. Ulrike picked up her glass and raised it up. I did same.

''Welcome to Copenhagen'', she said for the third time. We made a toast and I took a sip and a long drink. It had a cooling- a very chilling effect.

''I am glad to be in this beautiful city, thanks to you. But tell me, why would you 'scream' that I visit you?''

''Did I scream? Ok, I screamed. I was just alone and lonely. I saw the summer passing-by and didn't have anyone to have fun with. Then you came along - came close to me and I remembered how happy I've been since I knew you, even though we were just pen-pals. I have always enjoyed reading and writing to you. Both of us are on holiday. Let's have a good time together.''

''But your guy...''

''Forget about him. I lost him. Look, I have the money. You can decide not to spend a dime of your money. We'd visit the best places in Copenhagen and nearby, I'd planned for it. I'd saved for this. I'd waited for a nice guy to come along and you happened to be that guy. Please don't say no.''

''But my girl friend...'' I didn't finish because my phone started to ring. It was Gina, my girlfriend, calling from London.

''Hi Sweetie.''

''Don't sweetie me! I am still angry you decided to go to Copenhagen. Where are you now?''

''With her. Having dinner in a beautiful restaurant!'' There was silence on the other end.

''How does she look like?'' Gina asked.



''Prettier than you are! I am calling her Pretty Woman. Come on sweetie, you know me. Don't get jealous.''

''Yes, I know you. Most men are always staying at the edge of things. Immediately you push them, they stumble over. You are one of those guys. Immediately this woman pushes you, you will fall head first!''

''Please Gina, don't be ridiculous.''

''I'll be. If you do anything stupid with her, I'll put a bullet in someone's head!''

Those were Gina's last words. She was hot. That was one reason I loved her. She was really hot and that always turned me on!

''Who was that?'' Pretty Woman asked.

''My girlfriend.''

''She is jealous, isn't she? Can't she miss you for a while. I will borrow you for ten days!''

''Ten days?''

''Yes, just for 10 days of romance in Copenhagen between us. Please don't say no, so you won't have to look back in anger and regret you never took my offer. Day one begins tonight...''


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Sep 24, 2011
by: Anonymous

This story is captivating and it leaves a reader like me breathless and in a suspense. Is this guy going to cheat on Gina or is he going to resist this Copenhagen pretty woman. Oh my Gush! I hope he wouldn't screw up his relationship.

Aug 25, 2011
niece one
by: Mban

i read it and it was interesting. Zigo keeep doing your stuff. it is a niece one

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