Scammed on Facebook Dating !

Have you ever been scammed on a dating site? I have been scammed ONCE. On Facebook dating.

Actually, I wasn't using any application at all. I had just my profile. Then, one day, a girl I didn't know dropped a message to my mail box.

The message read:

''Hi dearest,
I have gone through your profile and liked it very much. You are so cute. I love your pictures and everything about you. I will like us to start a relationship. If you are interested, here's my email address ...

Hope to hear from you.''

When I read the message, I felt excited. I checked the girl's profile and loved it. There was only one picture on her profile and she looked so cute in the picture. And instantly I felt in love (or was it infatuation?) with her.

Her profile was vague. It didn't carry much information. She didn't have many friends and I didn't see a connection between her and her friends. This should have rang a bell. But as you can see, I was already in love, or thought I was.

I wrote to this girl and we started communicating. She told me she lived in Dakar, Senegal and that she would love me to visit her as soon as possible and I told her I would.

Not long after that, she sent me a series of urgent messages that she couldn't live without me. She said she wanted to kiss me, touch me, take silent walks with me along the beach!

And when I told her I was still planning for my trip to
visit her, she said it was taking too long.

Then she told me she was free. And had all the time in the world to prepare and visit me as soon as possible and if I didn't mind, she will visit me in London instead of me visiting her in Dakar.

I agreed.

Next she told me she needed to process some documents and it would cause her and she didn't have money.

I sent her five hundred pounds to start the process. After a few days she sent me scanned copies of some documents she'd made.

Then she asked for more money, which I sent another 500 pounds.

Later she told me she was in possession of a six months' UK VISA and couldn't wait to be in my arms!

But to do just that, she needed to pay her flight. She told me to send money for her flight - a return ticket for the journey was 1800 pounds.

She actually called me and was so sweet on the phone. Her voice was as sexy as she was in the picture.

I sent her the money - 1800 pounds.

Then that was all about it. I never heard from her again. She disappeared and deleted her Facebook profile.

She was (or He was) a scammer and I lost a total of 2800 pounds! I think I was stupid. I was too trusting.

But now I have changed. Now I know so much about facebook-dating. And scammers!

I am careful of who I meet on facebook and facebook dating.

So, beware of facebook dating. Know what you are doing

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Angelica T, Mexico City, Mexico.

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