Romantic Surprise Ideas

''I will surprise my sweet-heart with little romantic gestures and activities. These romantic surprise ideas can do wonders to our relationship''

Are you looking forward to romantically surprise your sweet-heart? Are you looking for romantic ideas to do so? Then look no further because we have dozens of ideas available for you, and free of course.

Just Pick from the list below and start surprising that love of your life!

romantic surprise Ideas

Romantic Surprise Ideas You Should Be Using

  1. Surprise Them With a Love Trophy: One way of saying thank you to your sweet-heart for coming into your life is by presenting a love trophy to them. You can order a personalised Love Trophy from many sources. And love trophies can come in many shapes and colours. Some are gold while others are in bronze.

    You will obviously have a lot of choices to make. Don't forget to include a reason why you are given them a trophy. This is one of our best romantic surprise ideas and don't fail to use it.

  2. Do something that your partner dislike doing, or that consume so much of their time. If she gets up early every morning to make breakfast or prepare the children for school, why don't you surprise her by doing it some of the weeks? There are many of such scenarios.
  3. Send Her Flowers to her workplace: Surprise her with romantic bouquets to her work place. Arrange with a florist to deliver the bouquets and have her sign it.

    Attach a little note that may read ''I love You'' This will be a surprise for her and at the same time make her feel special and raise her self esteem, especially with her colleagues.

  4. Hide Romantic Love Notes Everywhere: Romantic love notes are little things you can do to ensure a great romance exist between you and your partner. Knowing how to use romantic love notes will go a long way to improve your relationship.

    So, write sexy romantic love notes and hide them anywhere that your partner will see. It can be under the pillow, under the blanket, in his or her wallet, in the drawer, in clothes pocket- just put it where your partner is sure to see it.

    Love notes like ''I love You'' ''I lOve you, honey'' ''I miss you'' ''Thanks for coming into my life etc, are sure to creat a big impact in your love life and greatly surprise your partner. So, hiding romantic love notes which are sure to surprise your partner is one of our romantic surprise ideas.

  5. Kidnap Your Partner: One way to surprise your partner is to kidnap her or him to a romantic treat somewhere.

    There are many ways you can kidnap him or her. You can pick your partner from work on a Friday and put a black piece of clothes on her face after shoving her into the car.

    Then drive to a place you have arranged. It can be a five-star hotel, his or her best restaurant, a nearby city, a hilly country-side with beautiful sceneries etc. There you can do a lot of things. You can tell your partner you would do everything he or she wants.

    Make it a 'grand' event. Then take them home when you have achieved the desired results.

  6. Pick Your partner in a limousine and criss-cross the city: Rent a limousine and pick up your partner. Ride across the city or nearby city. Don't forget to arrange for wine and food while you criss-cross the city with the love of your life.
  7. Kidnap Her For a Week-end Romantic Getaway: Take a surprising week-end romantic getaway with your partner. Take her to anywhere.

    A change of environment from your part of the city is cool. But if you have money, why not go to romantic cities like Paris, Las Vegas, Rio De Janeiro or visit Sand Dunes in Northen Africa or Safari in Eastern Africa? This is one of our best romantic surprise Ideas.

  8. Write a Romantic Love Letter: People don't write love letters the traditional way anymore due to advancement of new information and communication technologies.

    So, surprise your sweet-heart with a traditional love letter. Also send it the traditional way, that is, through snail mail. This will be a big surprise when your partner opens it.

  9. A Romantic Day Spent Off Work: One way to surprise your partner is to arrange for her to stay off work just so you two can spend it with each other. One way to do this is to arrange with your partner's boss to give them a holiday.

    When he or she turns up to work, the boss will inform they have a holiday. Then, when your partner returns home, he or she will be all yours. Make sure you have made the necessary arrangements to ensure you have a successful romantic day.

  10. Rose Flower Surprises: Place a Rose Flower for your partner where she'd see it every morning, Just to say you love her.
  11. Ticket to Favourite Show: Surprise your partner with tickets to watch their favourite show.
  12. Tickets to watch favourite sport Team: If your partner's favourite team is playing, buy two tickets to enable both attend and watch the show.
  13. A surprise New Gift: If you want to give your partner a new gift, don't raise their expectation by informing them before time. Just get it and present it to them as a surprise. But make sure it is what they really need and not something that they will throw it away.
  14. Surprise Them With a Late Night Survival Park: If Your Partner Works at night, send a small parkage. It can be cookies and chocolates or her favourite chewables. Attach a message that reads ''Honey, This is your late night Survival Park.''
  15. Surpise Them With a Warm Burble Bath After a Hard Day: After your partner returns home from a very difficult day,arrange for a warm burble bath and a romantic massage. Feed and tuck them into bed with a warm kiss.
  16. Present Her a Single Red Rose at Work: Show up unexpected at work and present your partner with a single red rose.
  17. Surprise Your Partner With Breakfast in Bed: Get up early, make a romantic breakfast recipe and present it to your partner in bed. This is one of our best surprise romantic ideas. So, use it.
  18. Surprise Her With a Romantic Massage: Surprise your partner with a romantic massage when he or she least expects it.
  19. Surprise Your partner with dinner in some unexpected place like a roof-top, and a view to the city.
  20. Surprise your partner with their best romantic love song album or movie.
  21. Surprise them With ''Dance the Night Away Romantic Evening'' This should include dinner and dancing into the lateours of the night with your partner alone.
  22. Surprise them by giving them the power to decide. For instance, hand over the remote to her. Whatever TV channel you watch will be her decision.
  23. Surprise Her With Her Best Childhood Memories: Take her to the best places she visited as a child. Play with her like you both are infants.

So, add little surprised every day. Keep Your Relationship full of surprises.

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