Great Romantic Picnic Ideas to Spice-Up Your Love and Romance.

-- Romantic Picnic Ideas --

''I will go away from friends and family. I will go away from the toils of every day life. I will take some food and wine. I will go to a breath-taking landscape with my sweet-heart only. And there, we'll know the joy of love and romance.''

Romantic Picnic Ideas

When was the last time you went on a romantic picnic? How often do you go? How was your experience? Mine was, well, fantastic!

And because it was fantastic, I decided to share my romantic picnic ideas with you, so you'll also have a splendid one, when you finally go for it.

But let's begin at the beginning...

What is a Romantic Picnic?

A romantic picnic is an excellent date idea - a pleasure excursion with your sweet-heart in which a delicious meal is eaten outdoors.

It is a unique way of showing your sweetie that you care, for real!

Take a romantic picnic often. Go with him or her to breath-taking landscapes and have the joy of being with your sweetie alone.

Where Can I go on a Romantic Picnic?

It depends. Every place can be a romantic place, depending how you see it. But other places are more creative and easily put you on the mood for romance. Romantic picnics take place outdoors so your best bet is to find a very creative place for you and your sweetie alone, free from interference from external negativities.

At, we've come up with great suggestions of places you can go on your picnic.

  1. Picnic By the Water: This can be on the beach, beside a lake, stream, on the banks of a river etc. Go off with your sweetie to these great places and have the joy of being with her.
  2. Romantic Picnics on a Hill Top: If there is a hill close to where you live, organise a picnic to go there. Watch the town or city from your position, or watch other breath-taking landscapes while you and your sweet-heart cuddle, eat delicious meals and communicate.
  3. Romantic Picnics at the Park: City Parks and botanic gardens are great places for picnics. When you go there, find a quiet place and have fun with your sweetie.
  4. Picnics in the woods: Picnics are also great in the woods and forest, where you see only trees and listen to sweet melodies of birds and other forest organisms.
  5. Picnics On the Water: Rent a boat or canoe and jump into a river, pond or lake with your sweetheart. You can have a guide with you if you are afraid.
  6. Roof Tops of Great Buildings: Many city dwellers can have picnics on the roof top of magnificent buildings, with a view of the city.
  7. Your Home's Backyard: Use your home's backyard or garden area for great picnic ideas, if you don't want to go away from home.

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