Romantic Massage

Romantic Massage

It's one of our top romantic ideas to give your partner a romantic massage. Why? Because it's a healing touch which can hardly be explained by mere words.

People express romantic love in so many ways. A physical touch is one of such ways. This page has provided top information on love massage: what it means, its importance in a relationship, the types of massages, how to give it and the necessary oils you can use to offer it.

Romantic massages, contrary to what so many people think, is an inexpensive romantic idea and very simple to give, once you know the basics, very beneficial and fulfilling. This is because during a massage we rediscover the fun and excitement, the intimacy , the closeness and personal communication in the caress of the people we love. During a massage we feel the gentleness, kindness, the pulse of compassion and the empathy when we reach out and touch our partners.

What is Massage?

The word massage may mean many things to many people. According to the Collins Shouter English Dictionary (Harper Collins Publisher) a massage is 'the act of kneading, rubbing, etc parts of the body to promote circulation, suppleness or relaxation.''

The Importance Of Romantic Massage

Romantic Massages have a number of importance in a relationship. These include:
  1. Relaxation: One of the most importance of a massage is that it offers a kind of relaxation to the person receiving it. It's a healing touch and during such a touch, the body is very relaxed. That's why most many people want to fall asleep in the process. It's important to note that we develop a tense body as a result of bad postures, lack or insufficient sleep, poor work environment, little exercise etc. Massage is an attempt to heal all these problems.
  2. Improved Blood Flow: Such an amazing touch allows a more flow of oxygen, nutrients and infection-fighting substances to the cells of the body, making the body to function properly.
  3. Closeness: It's not everyone that we allow to give us a romantic massage. We allow only those we want to be closed to us as much as we can. We allow them to touch us, where no one has ever done and in a way that no one has ever touched us. This enable relationships to improve significantly.
  4. Suppleness: The loosening up of painful and stiff ligaments, body joints and tendons increases the body's ability to use the joints to their extent. This helps the body to gain supple movement.
  5. Improved Self Image and Self Respect: Have you ever realised how you feel during a massage? You feel elevated. You feel the masseur is concentrating on you because you are important. This elevates your self esteem.
  6. Peace: A peace of mind is very common during massage. You gain and experience the kind of peace you've never experienced before when those amazing hands knead and rob your body.
  7. Meditation: Meditation is something we find difficult to concentrate on. But during a massage, we can concentrate on this if we pull all our senses together and are determined to meditate.
These and many more are the importance of romantic massages.

How to Give a Massage

It may be a very daunting experience giving a romantic massage during the very first time. But once you learn the basics, offering one to your partner will be a simple and enjoyable experience. You have to know where to start, how to move forward, the positioning of your partner, etc in order to offer a good massage.

Remember that a massage can easily become an undesirable experience if you do not know how to go about it.

Use our search function to find out more resources on how to give a massage. Type a word or phrase in the box below and click on search.

The Place of Lubricants in Massage

Oils are very important in massage. Oils help to lubricate the movement of the therapist hands over the body of the recipient. Oils also seal the against loss of moisture, transport nutrients into the skin as well as serve as fragrances.

Making it More Romantic: The Senses

You can make a massage more romantic by involving all the senses such as the sense of smell, touch, smell, sound etc. Sensual romantic experiences can be enhanced by orchestrating the environment. You can plan for appealing senses.

  1. Sight: How light do you want the environment to be? Do you want a semi dark room or a completely light one? You can experiment with the light until you get the right one. You can light candles or put a coloured piece of cloth on your bulb etc.
  2. Taste: You may want to share a drink or something during the process of massage. Some people prefer wine, others tropical fruits or herbal tea. What do you prefer?
  3. Sound?: What type of sound do you want to be in the background while you offer or have massage. Play a romantic song that both of you enjoy.
  4. Smell: Choose your best fragrances such as lavender, rosemary lemon, tangerine or geranium. These fragrances will satisfy your sense of smell.
So, good luck for your massage and remember to use Our Search Engine to find out more information about romantic massage.

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