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romantic evening at home

To many couples, a romantic evening at home does not exist. This is because love and romance may die in a relationship.

Time and other factors can erode some of the things that made our love for one another so compelling in the first place.

This can happen to any relationship, no matter how much love we had for the other person.

But there is a way to prevent this. We have to ensure our relationship survives the test of time by doing those things that continue to renew our love for one another.

A wonderful romantic evening, at home, with the one we love, as often as we can, is just one of those things.

So, on this page, we have answered the question: what are the ideas for a wonderful romantic evening at home?

Ideas For a Romantic Evening ... At Home

Before you begin your journey to a romantic home, there are certain things you need to do.

You need to set the mood for a romantic evening. Creativity and planning are very important at this stage. When you've come up with some creative ideas (that we will discuss below) planning it can be very exciting.

Lets take a look at setting the mood for a romantic evening at home. By this we mean how our various senses can be affected by the environment.

Setting The Mood For a Romantic Evening at Home

romantic evening at home mood

  • Creating a Sense of Sight: Our romantic environment has to be as good as possible. A good romantic environment will obviously put us in the mood for romance.

    There are certain questions we need to ask ourselves: How clean is our home? Have we blocked everything unromantic that can interfere with our romantic evening.

    What about the bedroom? Is it designed for romance. Remove the clusters. Clean up. Lit the candles. Arrange the flowers. Make sure every place is beautiful and appeal to our sense of sight. Our page on Bedroom Romance will provide more information on how to create a romantic environment.

  • Creating a Sense Of Sound: Good romantic songs are great for a romantic evening. Play your favourite romantic songs. If you don't know the best love songs, you can check out our Music Gifts or Top Romantic Songs pages for more information to romantic songs and albums.
  • Creating the Sense of Smell: A good romantic evening at home should be filled with love fragrances and love scent. So, create the right mood with the right scent: Use candles perfumes etc. Check our Perfume Gifts Pages for more information on love scent for you romantic evening at home.

The Ideas: Romantic Evening Ideas at Home

romantic evening ideas at home

  1. Candle Lit-Romantic-Dinner: Make a candle-lit-romantic-dinner. Having a romantic dinner at home with your partner is one of our best romance-ideas. In preparing such a dinner, make sure you choose the right romantic recipe. Buy the necessary ingredients for the recipe. Know the time you need to cook such a recipe.

    Don't forget to make dining arrangements. Such arrangements include setting the romantic dinner table with plates, cutlery, flowers, candles etc. Don't forget to prepare yourself after cooking such a romantic recipe (take a bath, wear something sexy and spray some love scent). You will find more ideas on our romantic dinner ideas.

  2. A Romantic Massage: This is also one of the best romantic evening idea at home. A massage is a healing touch, something that couples use to come closer to each other. So, this can be a wonderful way of spending the evening together.

    Know the type of massage you give to your partner. A relaxation massage can be very rewarding. It improves blood flow,suppleness, peace and closeness. It also improves self image and respect.

    While offering a romantic massage, understand the necessary lubricants and oils and do not forget to create the sense of sight, sound, smell and taste. Our page on romantic massage will provide answers to your romantic needs.

  3. Bubble Bath With Your Partner: You can have a great bubble bath with your partner at home in the evening. Arrange for candles and fragrances. Also arrange for some wine. Then, just lie in the bath-tub with your partner and cuddle and talk and tell nice stories.
  4. A Picnic in the Backyard: Another great romantic evening at home idea is to have a romantic picnic in your backyard, garden or coach on a bright summer evening. Watch the stars and tell stories while you have your picnic.
  5. Cuddle in Bed: You can just lie in bed and cuddle and talk about the life you both have spent together, your experiences and your plans and aspirations for the future. Don't forget to play some great romantic sounds while you cuddle and talk.
  6. Dance the Night Away: Combine this idea with other ideas: a romantic dinner, a massage, bubble bath or picnic. Dance the night away with your best romantic songs and some crispy wine. Just dance and dance and dance.
  7. Cuddle in front of the Fire: Have your picnic in front of a fire. Just cuddle and talk to each other.
  8. Read a Romantic Book: Read a romantic book. It can be a romantic novel or a self help book. Read a chapter and let your partner read the next chapter and so forth.
  9. Write Your Own Love Story: Plan a love story with your spouse. write about when you first met, how you fell in love, the experiences you've shared together etc. One way of starting is to write chapter one. when you complete it, give it to your spouse to write chapter two.
  10. Cook Together: Make a romantic dinner together. Cooking together is a fun way of spending quality time with the one you love. Don't forget to chat about interesting topics in your relationship while you cook together.
  11. Play a Romantic game: Just like cooking together, playing romantic games brings couples together. There are very good romantic games you can play together. These games are fun and can easily put you in the mood for romance.

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