Don't Be a Victim of Romance Scam!

romance scam

Don't be a victim of a romance scam!

With the growth of the internet and other new information and communication technologies, it's become very easy for offenders across the world to commit crime and go free.

One of those crimes is romance scamming. This is a trick, where offenders use feigned romantic intentions towards a victim and gain their love and affection, which they then use to commit fraud.

Examples of such fraudulent acts include access to victims' money, e-mail addresses, passport information, credit cards numbers and other identification information.

How is This Done?

There are so many ways through which these offends are committed. Some channels include:

  • News Paper Ads: Someone from a different location may put up a news paper ad, seeking men or women. When victims response to the ad, the advertiser warms his or her way into their lives. The offender will tell the victims what they really want to hear - things such as profession of love, their wish to establish long lasting relationships etc. This would inadvertently lead to exchange of private info, which the offender can then use to commit fraud. The offender can also ask for favours such as passport fee, financial assistance etc
  • Dating Site Profiles: When you create a profile on a dating site, you don't know who will access your profile. The truth is that millions of people have access to your profile. The more information you provide, the more you are exposed to the public.

    Everyone will have access to your profile, including 'good' and 'bad' people. A bad person will warm his or her way into your life and tell you stories of love and romance. Then they will gain access to your phone numbers, bank details, e-mail addresses etc. They will start telling you about serious financial problems and even ask you money to make documents to come over to your place.

  • E-mail Addresses: A lot of offenders fish for your email addresses. It's easy to find. They can just grap this from social media platforms such as facebook and other dating sites. They can also retrieve your email from forwarded mails and other data bases from the internet that you've submitted your e-mail and other information to. They may then send you love messages and how sweet you are and warm their way into your life.

These and more are ways through which they can gain access into your life. Let's take a closer look at how they go about it.

Footprints of a Romance Scammer

You can know a romance scammer if they follow the following paths:

  1. You find a profile on a dating site. Normally, the person invites you to become friends.
  2. You suspect the photo or profile picture they use is different from the information they provide.
  3. The profile picture is always very cute, like that of models. this, they've ripped it off other sites on the internet.
  4. The guy or girl is overseas - in a different country.
  5. They start telling you how much they love you just a few hours or days after meeting you.
  6. The next thing is they ask for your e-mail address and phone number.
  7. They start telling you stories that will need assistance.
  8. They start asking for money or financial assistance, such as to make a passport, pay flight to come visit you in your country.
  9. If you don't give, they increase the rate at which they ask. If you give, they device other means of collecting from you.

  10. They will always give excuses why they never visit you.
  11. Their emails and letters are poorly written, vaque and if you take a closer look, you'll realised they are pre-written e-mails and not personally addressed to you.

So, do watch out!

Romance Scam: What Should I do to Stay Safe?

You Need To Be:

Aware: Awareness alone can go a long way to solve the problem. Internet users need to educate themselves first about such an ill.

They need to know who to provide important private information and be able to judge if the person they are communicating with is a ''good'' person or not. So, be aware.

Website Measures: Website, especially dating and other social media websites need to educate their users and to warn them about fraudulent profiles on their network.

The Most Important Rule: Remember that if you meet someone on a dating site or other social network, and that person ask for money or some suspicious favours, that person is most likely a scammer.

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