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''I will buy popcorn and champagne. I will buy candles. When she comes over, we will have a movie night tonight. We will watch P.S, I Love You or Pearl Harbour. Tonight will be a very romantic night.''

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I love watching romance movies. I have watched hundreds of such movies with the intention of making a list of the best ones for your consumption.

Taste varies from persons to persons and I understand how difficult it is to come up with a unique list that everyone will love. But I am pretty sure you will like my list.

Below, you will find links to this list. But before you dive into this list, let’s answer a few questions.

What is a romance movie?

A romance movie can be defined as any movie in which the central plot revolves around the romantic involvement of the main characters in the movie.

'Emotions' is a central term in the movie. Characters express very dramatic emotions which create tension and an emotional climax. Most romantic movies have a very happy ending.

What are the characteristics of a romance movie?

Most romantic movies have certain characteristics:

• Likeability: Most often, chemistry exists between the protagonists and we tend to like them.

• Most romantic films have a simple and clear storyline.

• Most of these movies have an excellent movie sound track.

• The movie location adds extra romance to the movie.

• Most romantic movies express very dramatic emotions.

• Also, romantic movies are timeless.

• Finally, I found out that most romantic movies have happy endings.

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