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Are you looking for romance ebooks? This page offers top information on those ebooks that you must have to ensure a great romance and consequently a successful relationship.

Most of the ebooks presented below have been written by Michael Webb, Oprah's relationship expert. His ebooks have sold millions across the world are are still in great demand.

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500 love making tips

500 Love Making Tips and Secrets 500 love making tips and ideasHere, Oprah’s love expert reveals how to bring back the fire into your love life. In fact, it’s so simple, it’s embarrassing. In five minutes you can have any of these proven secrets working for you, even if you’ve tried everything but failed miserably. So, add more fun to the bedroom. Click Here! to get a copy

300 Creative Dates

300 Creative Date Ideas In 300 creative dates, Oprah’s love expert reveals 300 creative and inexpensive date ideas that people are using or can use to leave great impressions, rekindle relationships and have more fun. Take a look at them, use them and take control of your dating live. Click Here! to get a copy.

50 secrets of blissful relationships

50 secrets In 50 secrets, Oprah’s love expert reveals the secret for you to have a happy, blissful and loving relationship. Reconnect with your lover no matter how stubborn or distant they are and no matter how hopeless or difficult your situation seems. Click Here! to get a copy.

Marriage Proposal Ideas Marriage Proposal Ideas Have you ever proposed to someone? Are you thinking of proposing to marry someone? Asking for someone’s hand in marriage may be a daunting experience. How will be amazed to hear how many people ever proposed to a girl. You will come to understand that most people do not do it right and they lose the woman of their lives. In 101 proposal stories, Oprah’s love expert reveals the marriage proposals that men are using to blow away their girl friends and families speechless. Here, thousands of marriage proposal stories flooded in from around the world and narrowed down to 101 of the very best proposal ideas. Why leave your proposal to chance? Click Here! to get a copy.

Get Him Back Get him back, for good! The world’s most romantic man reveals how to help you bring back the love of your life in three simple steps. Increase the chances of getting him back no matter how resistant he is, no matter how away he is and no matter how hopeless or difficult your situation seems. Click Here! to get a copy.

Get Her Back Get her back, for good! Increase the chances of getting her back no matter how resistant she is and no matter how far away and hopeless or difficult your situation may seem to be. Click Here! to get a copy.

Lick by Lick by Michael Webb

Lick By Lick Here, Oprah’s expert reveals the forgotten oral love secrets that men are using to give women mind-numbing orgasms that leave them begging for more. You can make her climax more often, even if she had never orgasm before! Click Here! to get a copy.

Blow by Blow by Michael Webb

Blow By Blow Here, you will find resources on what every woman absolutely must know about pleasing her man! Click Here! to get a copy.


What you absolutely must know about the one you are with. An estimated 83% of divorces would not take place if couples asked each other the right questions. How compatible are you with the person you are with? Find out here. Click Here! to get a copy

500 Intimate Questions for Couples 1000 Questions For Couples:These are hot and juicy questions that will get your blood pumping and accelerate the fire in your relationship. Click Here! to get a copy.>

romantic collection

The Complete Romantic Collection This is a complete collection of Michael web love, dating and romance resources. Here you are about to discover the magic ingredients that make some couples live happy and blissful marriages for decades and how you too can. Click Here! to get a copy

The Virtuoso Lover Oprah's Love Expert, Michael Webb, Has Produced The Ultimate Lovemaking Manual For Men. Over 540 Pages In 3 Volumes, This Material Guarantees That Any Man Can Become An Exceedingly Great Lover No Matter His Sex Experience. Click Here!

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