41 Outdoor Date Ideas

Looking for outdoor date ideas to make your dating experience as interesting as you've always wanted it to be? Below are over forty dating ideas you should check out. Remember to come back often, because our list is always growing. Use these ideas to do the most exciting things outdoors with your partner. Lets dive straight to these outdoor date ideas.

outdoor date ideas

  1. Visit a city park with your partner. City Parks are good places to take your partner to. There, walk around and sit in the most exciting places. Have fun. Do exciting things there.
  2. Walk around a College or University Campus. It can be your former Uiversity or your partner's. This is very interesting and will bring back interesting memories.
  3. Go to the Beach and have fun
  4. Go see a musical in your city. There are always local musicals taking place. A quick search of which band is playing will provide you the information you need.
  5. Have diner for two in an exquisite romantic restaurant.
  6. Rent a limousine and criss-cross the city.
  7. Go to a play. Again, there are always plays, especially during the weekends. A quick search of which plays are available will provide you all the information you need
  8. Go watch a romantic movie with your partner.
  9. Go shell searching at a sandy beach, if there is one where yu live.
  10. Attend a symphony. It's a grand thing to do.
  11. Make Kites with your partner. Then go fly them at the city or town's park, like kids do.
  12. Go for a bike ride in your neighbourhood.
  13. View your city or town from a roof top.
  14. Watch your city or town from a hill top, if there is one.

  15. Dance in the rain. When the rain is falling, get into it and dance with your date. Watch the video, ''dancing in the rain'' by Jene Kelly on YouTube. You will love it.
  16. Walk along a river's bank and enjoy the experience
  17. Go swimming with your partner.
  18. Pick flowers together in a flowers' garden.
  19. Watch the sunset or sunrise together. It's a wonderful experience.
  20. Built a sand castle at the beach or at a sand dune.
  21. Go fishing with your partner.
  22. Go to a picnic together. Choose a breath-taking landscape.
  23. Visit a museum
  24. Go to a park or garden and feed the birds.
  25. Visit an orchard. There both of you can pick apples.
  26. Go to a winery tour/wine tasting event. Share a bottle of wine together.
  27. Go watch a game together. Any game. Football, golf, baseball etc.
  28. Go watch fireworks. Most cities have firework shows to commemorate something. It's always very interesting.
  29. Have you ever attended a lecture? Do so with your date.
  30. Visit an aquarium.
  31. Walk through a great shopping mall. It's beautiful.
  32. Eat in a Buffet Restaurant
  33. Go to a ballet. You will love it.
  34. Go to a wedding together. It will prepare you for a stronger relationship, if you want one.
  35. Visit and walk through a botanic garden.

  36. Go Partying Together Partying together can be fun.
  37. Go to a local concert.
  38. A walk in the woods: Take a walk in the woods if there is one where you live. Listen the the breeze and watch the birds sing sweet melodies and fly from one tree to another.
  39. Eat at a fast food outlet such as Mc Donald, Subway, Burger King etc. If you are not into fast food, don't make it a habit. But it's fun to gram something and have a good time with your friend.
  40. Take a River Boat Cruise You can always find a cruise company in your city. Get out there and have fun with your partner.
  41. Have a canoe ride. A canoe ride is a great activity to do with your partner. Try it.

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