My Romantic Anniversary Messages

by Silvio
(Rio De Janeiro)

anniversary messages

anniversary messages

I compiled a list of romantic anniversary messages that you'll love. Use them to reinforce romance.

1) we have been through our ups and our downs, over the mountains and deep in the valleys, swam in the sea and walked on land, quarreled and laughed. Despite all that we have stood strong. Is the beauty of our marriage on this our anniversary.

2) on the day we married we did it for better or for worse, in sickness and in health till death do us part. And since then we have been through all that and still not fallen apart.

3) it doesn?t make any difference baby about what the world thinks about us. They may say we are this or that. All I care is that we care and love for each other and together we have achieved enough especially on this great day.

4) Just like the sun lights up the earth you light up my life. The only one I ever saw with a smile so bright and tonight is our anniversary we need to celebrate it in beautiful candle light.

5) I beheld a fair dame with a stunningly beautiful face and I cried out ?stop thief?. She was puzzled but like a gentleman I walked up to her and told her she has stolen my heart that is why I called her the thief of my life. She smiled and since then I made her my wife. Today is our anniversary my lovely wife.

6) I thank God I found you because you were meant for me and I was meant for you. We were born for each other. We came on earth to love each other forever no matter the weather. And today is our anniversary to celebrate my love.

7) our love is like paradise which is very nice. Our pretty little children are like angels and we are their guardian angels with wings. Our love is like heavenly music which our family dance to.

8) today is our anniversary and we will celebrate my love. We will drink and eat in beautiful candle light and we will play. Hold our forks like players fighting in the game of fencing and hit the swords at each other until one of them falls.

9) Cupid'ss arrow struck us today on our anniversary and love stuck. Like little ducks, we will wade in a pool of love and touch each other with our beaks and bath in the waters of love.

10) our love on our anniversary is like beauty. So breathtaking that it makes any happy. We have experiences that constitute its jollity and everybody around us will bask in our gaiety and joviality.

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