My Personal Miracle <3

by Gabriella

He made my life have a new meaning to it... I was raped when I was 18 and thought my life ends there.. I am 23 now... All I can say is he gave me a new life and meaning to it.

His name is Jean Antoun... he is the best thing that ever happened to me but he will never know that.. or maybe he doesn't believe it.. we have had our ups and downs but I'm glad we talk again and we're fixing things.. all I want is to be with him.. in his big arms.. hide inside his big body.. smell my favourite cologne on him.. and just melt my fears and worries away.. he knows how to piss me off.. how to annoy me .. how to irritate me.. but nothing is like when he makes me smile.. he is great at that.. and if he ever walks away I won't smile ever again.. I'm a broken person without him.. he makes me complete I just wish he knows that..

I wish he won't end it with a heartbreak ...I don't wanna be hurt, not from him.. because to me he is all I have now.. I would do anything, walk a thousand miles to see his smile.. to be there, to be his..I love him with my whole heart.. I just wish he would study and graduate.. my lifelong dream is to see him graduate.. I think it is my only wish at the moment.. i dont want anything more than that.. it would make me so happy to see i lead him down the right path and see his family happy and proud of him... i love him so much .. i just want the best for him..
i know that God is watching over us.. i always ask him to keep our paths together if we are meant to be and if not to close it, but whenever he does I just run back and open it.. i cant let him go... he is my all.
anywhere he is i am near even if not in body but in soul
anywhere he goes i wanna be there for him
i want to be his best friend, sister, mother, girlfriend, wife, and most of all his body mind and soul.. i want to be his everything.
I will forever love you my miracle, my Jean Antoun

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