Where Can I Find '' Missing You messages '' to Send to My Darling?

''I will send the best 'missing you messages' to my darling. I will let him know that he is always on my mind!''

missing you sms

Separations between lovers can have a bad effect on their relationship especially when they don’t communicate with each other regularly.

One of the best ways of keeping contact with your lover, is through sms messages. You can send a 'I miss you sms to show how their absence is making you feel lonely and void.

This will make your lover know that you are constantly thinking about them. On this page are lots of sms texts which would keep that memory burning. You can just copy, paste and then send to them.

The following are a collection of missing you messages, which you can use. But use the form below to submit more sms and own your own private page on this site.

  1. Only God knows how much I miss you. Everyday I daydream about you, at night I dream about you and sleepwalk about you. There’s nothing which I do that stops me from thinking about you. I do all that because I love you.
  2. you are the only one I miss, I sit here and reminisce how we used to kiss. Our life was full of bliss but now that you are gone I only think about this- your absence is a big miss.
  3. Your absence is making me sick. When people stay away from home they get homesick but my staying away from you has made me lovesick. Please come back quickly and treat this my lovesickness with your love.
  4. Even though we are apart, I wish could take a journey through your heart and fill it with my love to make sure that you don’t get lonely. I’m waiting for you my love come back home so that we can feel homely.
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  6. You are quite far, so far away like a star. But you in my mind. As I look at any star I consider it to be you. Eventhough it is far I always see the beauty and love of the star.
  7. My love you are far but in my mind you are near. You may be out there but in my mind you here. You may shed a tear but I cheer. That is because my love for you is keeps me strong my dear.
  8. Baby I’m longing to see you. I look at your picture, I look at your writing, I look at your comforting words you email to me and listen to your voice on the phone but all that is not enough. Come back because I want to see you and I’m missing you.

These missing you messages are just a few of thousands of good examples. Use the form at the end of this page to find some more and also to share the ones you know,and at the same time creating your own free page.

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I'm considering hijacking a chopper and kidnapping you from that rig, baby. I miss you so much honey

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