The Best Marriage Proposal Ideas

-- Marriage Proposal Ideas --

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Oh, is it time to pop the question? If it is, don't make a lame proposal and scare the love of your life away.

Come up with a proposal idea that is sure to sweep your partner off her feet, leaving friends and family completely mesmerized!

Coming up with the best proposal ideas or stories is not a simple task.

That's why we created this page.

Our intention is to compile just the best proposal ideas, so you will find one any time you need it.

It's Important to Note...

Marriage proposal ideas

It's important to note that marriage proposal can differ, depending on many factors such as location, timing, budget etc.

As such, we have subdivided our proposal ideas into various topics. These topics include:

  • Cheap Proposal Ideas
  • Creative proposal Ideas
  • In Public Proposal Ideas
  • At Home Proposal Ideas.
  • Expensive Proposal Ideas
  • Foodie Proposal Ideas
  • Tech (technical) proposal ideas
  • Playful Proposal Ideas
  • Summer proposal ideas etc.

Each of the above Ideas will be discussed in greater detail below.

Marriage Proposal Ideas

  • Public Proposal Ideas: These are ideas proposed in public. Many people want to propose marriage in the public - that is, with the prying eyes of the general public. If you are one of those, then these ideas are the best for you.
  • Marriage Proposal Ideas at Home: Under this category, you will find only ideas for proposing to your partner at home - in the confines of your own home.
  • Creative Proposal Ideas: These ideas are the most creative ideas you will ever find. Use them if you want your proposal to be as creative as you've always dreamed.
  • Technical Proposal Ideas: These are Ideas that demand a bit of technical knowledge such as designing your proposal on a webpage and sending it to your sweet-heart. So, use this if you want to use computers and the information superhighway to propose to your partner.
  • Foodie proposal stories: These are proposal ideas on the dining table. Do you want to propose over dinner? These are your best bets.
  • Most Playful: Proposals should be fun enough. Propose over a romantic game or love hunt. Make it as playful as possible. You will find the ideas here.
  • Propose During Summer: Propose during summer or sunny weather periods. Here, you will have all the ideas you need to propose.
  • Expensive Proposal Stories: Do you want to make it a grand ceremony@? Check out these ideas.
  • Cheap: On a budget but still want to make a great proposal story? These ones will do.

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Cheap Marriage Proposal Ideas

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