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-- Long Distance Relationship Ideas--

A long distance relationship (LDR) is one in which partners or those involved live apart. This type of relationship is very subjective. This means that it (distance) may be interpreted differently by different people.

For instance, while someone whose partner lives next block may consider it an LDR, another person may think partners should live in different cities, countries or continents.

Yes, when most people talk of long distance relationships, they mean their partners live miles and miles away, and they hardly see each other physically, over a long period of time.

Almost everyone has been involved in this kind of relationship. Many have failed to maintain it because they think it's tough, as a result of many factors, which we will examine below.

Reasons For Long Distance Relationships

-- Long Distance Relationship Ideas--

Why do people get involve in a long distance relationship? Some reasons or possible scenarios might have triggered long distance relationships between people. These include:

  • Departure From Home: You might have left home for a number of reasons such as education and work, leaving your partner behind.

  • Recommendation By Some other Person: Someone might have connected you and your partner. This happens often. A friend of yours might have connected you to his sister or brother, or other friend he or she wants you to start a relationship with. A family member may want you to marry someone he found interesting.
long distance relationship ideas
  • Chat Room Meeting: With the growth of the internet, on-line chat rooms and social meeting platforms have provided a new way to meet people, something which didn't exist before the proliferation of new information and communication technologies. So, it's possible for someone to meet another on-line,irrespective of where they are and start a long distance relationship.

Advantages of Long Distance Relationships

  • During a long distance relationship, romance is kept alive. Sometimes, love and romance flows better when couples are out of sight and miss each other. That feeling of missing and longing instead pulls them closer to each other, while they expect the day they will meet physically. Both try as much as possible to keep love and romance alive.
  • You don't get involved, or meddle with your partner's negative habits and this keep problems out of the way. Not knowing or not experiencing your partner's negative qualities does no harm.
  • You are free to express your mind through phone calls and emails, the way you want it and when both of you want it. This prevents a lot of interference and gives the other person his or her private space.

Disadvantages of Long Distance Relationships.

  • There is little or no intimacy involved. This means that there may be difficulty in connecting with each other, which may definitely end the relationship over time.
  • There is jealousy involved as you never know who your partner is hanging out with or what he or she is up to and jealousy can sometimes be dangerous.
  • You may be wasting your time with someone who claims loves you and is doing that just for fun.
  • You may find it very difficult to actually know your partner's true character and intentions, especially if you've never met physically before, and may be disappointed when you finally meet.

As a result of the above disadvantages, long distance relationships may not always last. Many people end up stepping out of it, especially if they stay too long without meeting each other.

But studies also show that long distance relationships can survive, even better than when you are together with your partner, provided you know and use the necessary measures to rescue the relationship.

Long Distance Relationship Ideas

What can you do to ensure that your relationship survives? what long distance relationship ideas are there at your disposal? There are hundreds of ideas you can use to ensure a successful relationship with your partner, who is far away in another land. These ideas include:

  1. Understand the Relationship: You and your partner must understand the type of relationship you are in. Ask questions: what do we have? Who am I to you. Is this just for fun? Both of you will decide whether to be serious or not, depending on your understanding of the relationship.
  2. Make Future Plans: Once you have understood the relationship, you can continue with future plans. Can we see if this relationship can result to marriage? If we are to get married, what is our next step. How do we plan to be together? When these type of plans start to take shape, your relationship will continue to grow stronger.
  3. Establish Rules: If you have understood the relationship and are making future plans, you need to have some rules to govern both of you. Although you cannot observe or control your partner the way you would have loved to, because of the distance between you two, let the rules both of you agree upon govern you. What are the dos and don't s. Where do you cut the line. Where should she go? Who should he hang out with. Although no one is there to observe you, you at least know that if you cross the line and your partner finds out, he or she wouldn't take it lightly.
  4. Communicate: This is the most important thing you should do. Communicate. With the advent of the internet are other means of communication, long distance relationships have really exploded. Use: e-mails, telephones, messengers, social media, letters, text messaging, VoIP programmes, video conferencing, etc to stay in touch. Send emails, letters, videos to your partner to make him or her feel your presence. Write extensive and intimate letters. But do not over do it. Keep aside a day to make your partner miss you and get a renewed momentum.
  5. Send romantic gifts. Parcel your gifts in the most romantic way possible.
  6. Beware of Jealousy, it can sometimes lead you to problems.
  7. Stay Positive. Think positively and know your long distant love will always be there for you.
  8. Avoid Dangerous situations such as going to places you will be tempted or hanging out with a guy or girl who will take advantage of you.

-- Long Distance Relationship Ideas --

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-- Long Distance Relationship Ideas --

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