The Best of Romantic London Vacations

London Vacations

Dr. Johnson was right when he wrote ''If you are tired of London, you are tired of life.'' Yes, people don't just get tired of London. Instead, they don't want to leave it once they visit. They want to remain there, or come back again, as often as they can.

London is considered the capital of the world. It's not the capital of the world for nothing. The city is spoilt with many choices. There is something for everyone.

From Royal Palaces to Roman History, from attractive gardens to top world museums, from world class restaurants, hotels to well known landmarks, designer shopping and a wonderful Arts and Theatre community.

So, the choice is all yours.

You can prefer to walk Thames' Paths which are charming accents to and along the River Thames, the river that meanders its way across London.

You can prefer to wake up to Big Ben and a swirl of Double Decker Buses and black cabs.

You can prefer to wander up the mall to Buckingham Palace or visit the Houses of Parliament.

You can decide to hang around London's West End And have a first class experience of what it means to live in such a great city.

You can decide to tour the Tower of London, or take a ride in the London Eye. Infact, there is so much for everyone. The choice is all yours.

We here encourage you to take London Vacations as often as possible. Make London your best romantic destination haven and visit it at least once in your lifetime. You will not regret it.

More than eight million people, from all countries of the world live in the city and the city will host the 2012 Olympic Games.

Top Places to Visit While on London Vacations

London extends far and wide. Divided into 32 communes, each commune is peculiar and has its various landmarks. There are thousands of places you can visit and be satisfied with each, but the following list of places will bring you more excitement:

  • Buckingham Palace
  • Westminster Palace
  • London Eye
  • British Museum
  • Tate Modern
  • Tower of London
  • West End
  • Hamptom Court Palace
  • Hyde Park

Note that these are only a few of the top places you can visit while on London vacations.

Don't forget to take your camera along while you are visiting London. Yes, don't go to London without your Camera. You will regret you did.

Pictures of London Vacations

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