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Amazon Kindle Fire - the newest model of Amazon kindle.

Kindle Fire is a top romantic gift many people are rushing to get, send it to their sweet-heart or darling or to friends and family.

The product is Amazon's kindle latest model or version and would be released on Nov. 15th, 2011.

It is expected that the new product will sell out within hours of its release, just as the original product sold out in 2007.

This new model is a must have by everyone. Get one for yourself. Send one to friends and family.

But most importantly, send it as a special gift to your sweet-heart or darling.

They would never forget such a gesture.

But Why Should You Own or Send It As a Gift?

Can it be the perfect romantic gift idea?

We say yes.

It has all the characteristics and features of previous versions or models, such as simplicity or ease to use, ease to read, built in WiFi, possibility to share useful content on twitter and facebook, PDF Reader, unlimited books, free books and new book samples, etc.

But these aren't all the functions, features and or characteristics of this wonderful product.

This new model allows you to watch and store movies, applications, games, books, blogs and a lot more.

There are 18 million movies on Kindle Fire- just imagine!

You may ask, Is it worth getting it?

It has TV Shows, songs, magazines, books, blogs - than you'd ever need your entire life.

This newest model includes Amazon Apple Store, with thousands of popular applications and games.

It has an ultra-fast web browsing.

With a vibrant colour touch-screen and extra-wide viewing angle, you-ll receive maximum satisfaction from this product.

These and more are just some of the features and functions of Amazon Kindle newest model.

So, what are you waiting for? Waoh your sweetheart with one and see how your relationship will change.

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