Ten Inexpensive Romantic Ideas

Do you want to be more romantic on a budget? There are dozens of inexpensive romantic ideas you can use to ensure there is always romance in your relationship.

inexpensive romantic ideas

We have selected ten of these ideas for you. These ideas will cost you little or nothing at all, while at the same time offer you a wonderful romantic love between you and your partner. Don't forget to use 'search' to search for more inexpensive romantic ideas. These ideas include:

  1. Go For a Walk on a Beach: If there is a beach where you live, go there with your partner. Walk along the sea shore or coastline. Lie on the sand and sun-bath. Cuddle each other. Jump into the water and play in the waves. Then eat a picnic when you are tired and hungry.

    There are few romantic places than beautiful beaches. Thus, having a wonderful time out on the beach is not only inexpensive, but also put you in the mood for romance.

    If there is no beach where you live, a walk along beautiful landscapes is another option. You can go for a walk in breath-taking landscapes in your city, town or village.

    There must be something: a river; a lake; beautiful woods; a hill. Sit by the banks of the river or by the side of the lake. Go to the top of the hills and watch over the city. cuddle, kiss, talk, listen and share some private, beautiful moments together.

  2. Cook a romantic Dinner at Home: Cooking a romantic recipe at home is an inexpensive romantic idea than going out to dine in a romantic restaurant.

    Choose something you and your partner love cooking - something very delicious. Help each other. This is a fun way to get to know each other. Create a romantic mood while you eat your dinner. Share a bottle of wine. Light some candles. Play romantic songs. Click here for romantic dinner ideas.

  3. Have a Picnic Together: A picnic for two is a fun way of spending time together. Have a picnic at home or outdoors, where ever you deem befitting enough for a romantic moment with the one you love. Here are romantic picnic ideas you'll love.
  4. Give a romantic love massage: A massage is a healing touch and even wonderful when you give it to the one you love. Once you know the basics, satisfying your partner will be highly appreciated and rewarding. So, why not learn the basics and give your partner a romantic love massage in the confines of your own home?
  5. Take a Burble-Bath Together: You and your partner can spend an entire evening having a burble bath. Make it really interesting.Fill the bath-tub with soapy fragrances. Light candles and play soft, romantic songs while you cuddle, talk and kiss in a warm burble bath with each other. Behave as though you are the only two in the world.
  6. Take a romantic weekend vacation: Romantic weekend vacations are not as expensive as you think. Take one with your partner to a hotel or inn in your city. This gives you the opportunity to have sometime for yourself alone, and to escape from the hardship of normal day life. So surprise your sweetheart. Take her to somewhere surprising and relaxing. If you plan well ahead of time, you will have an almost free and weekend getaway filled with as much fun as possible. There are getaway hotels with bed and breakfast, others with kitchenettes. Why not rent a cheap cabin? Choose one that really suit your budget.
  7. Plant a Symbolic Romantic Love Tree: This is a very creative, very inexpensive romantic idea. Here, you et to plant a symbolic love tree in a place of your choice.

    If you have or own a piece o land, plant this tree where it won't be tampered with and where you'll both be able to tender to it. If you don't have a place to plant, go to your local botanic garden, talk to the person in charge. He or she will just be so pleased to allow you safe the planet, while at the same time solidifying your relationship and having the fun of a lifetime.

    When you've planted the tree, ensure that the tree's survival signifies the survival of your relationship. So, take care of the love tree, just as you take care of your relationship. Someday, both of you will sit under the tree and tell stories about your love for each other.

  8. Make a Photo/Scrap Book: Spend quality time together making a photo or a scrap book. Bring the photos you've ever taken together; all the stamps you've ever collected; all the tickets you've ever bought and the letters you've ever written to each other. Put them together and create a scrap book, with titles and descriptions. This will make interesting reading in future.
  9. Romance in the rain: If it's raining, step into it and dance and sing. Do funny things. Embrace, kiss and hug each other. Just do anything stupid. Finally, head home with your partner, jump into the bath and take a warm one, then cuddle up in front of a fire and drink a bottle of wine and eat a romantic recipe or go straight into your warm blanket and cuddle. You won't believe the fun and excitement.
  10. Start Writing Your Own Romantic Love Story: Write chapter one. It can be about how you met your sweet-heart and how you fell in love with her and the burning desire of her that kept you up late at night. When you are done, hand it to her to continue chapter two and so on.
  11. Go on a Bicycle Ride: Riding with your partner can be a fun romantic idea. Go for a ride with her across town. Go through interesting places such as the city park or through government houses and offices. Stop in a botanic garden or park and share a drink.

These inexpensive romantic ideas will get anyone in the mood for love and romance.

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