How to Say 'I Love You' in Many Different Ways

by Lopez
(Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

Saying 'I Love You' in many different Ways

Saying 'I Love You' in many different Ways

The short phrase ' I Love You ' is a very powerful phrase. Although it's often very easy to say, it can completely although the course of someone's life.

Most people utter these three words every time they want to remind and assure those special people in their lives that they love them. But there are also many other ways of saying it without uttering the phrase every time.

However, you should be able to mean what you say, when you tell someone 'I love You' irrespective of how you say it.

Here are ten different ways of telling your partner 'I love You''

  1. Say It With a Romantic Gift: Order a 'T' Shirt, customise it with the words 'I love you' on the front or in the back of the shirt. Sign it with your name or initials and. Then send to your sweet-heart as a romantic love gift.

  2. Write it on the Sand: f you live near a beach, take your partner there. There, draw the shape of a heart and invite your partner to sit inside with you and have a wonderful time together. If your partner lives far away and can't go with you to the beach, write I love you in the sand, take a picture of it and send it to your partner.

  3. On Love Notes: Write ' I Love You ' on Love notes and put it where your lover will see it. Put it inside your love's purse, under the pillow, cupboards- anywhere your love will easily see it.

  4. On a Big Placard or Postal Board: Write 'I love you' on a big postal board, hold it over your head and take a picture of it. Send the picture to your partner.

  5. Say it With Words Magnets: Write 'I Love You' on the fridge with words for your partner to see it.

  6. Say it With Graffiti: Write 'I Love You' on walls or surfaces that your partner will see every time she passes there.

  7. Say it with Glow in the Dark: Write 'I love You' with glow in a dark room which will stand out when your partner looks up at it. A good example is to write it in a dark room before your partner returns home.

  8. Just Say The Words: Just say the words 'I Love You' while you look at your parter in the eyes.

  9. As a Romantic SMS: Send an SMS to your partner telling how much you hove him or her.

  10. Say it With Flowers: Send flowers to your sweet-heart and attach a card saying: 'I Love You.''

These and more are the different ways I use to tell my sweet-heart how much I love her. You too can keep the romance burning in your relationship with these ideas.

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