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Looking for great date ideas to make your dating experience as enjoyable as possible?

We've come up with some great, fun romantic ways to spend time with your partner.

These ideas have been chosen from our other categories such as cheap date ideas, out-door date ideas, travel date ideas, active date ideas, anniversary date ideas, valentines day date ideas, social date ideas etc.

Let's not take so much of your time. Let's just dive into these ideas so you can start using them instantly.

Great Date Ideas

great date ideas
  1. Go to the Beach: If there is a beach where you live, go there with your partner. A beach is one of those places that puts us in the mood for love and romance. Don't forget to take a picnic. While at the beach, take long walks along the coastline, lie in the sand and gaze the sky or sun-bath, play with the waves and on the sand and talk while you have your picnic.Click Here for more beach ideas
  2. Rent a Limousine and Drive Around the City: Renting a limousine may not be as expensive as you think. Rent one, invite your partner and while the driver drives around the city, open a bottle of champagne and a have a romantic dinner with your partner. This is one of our great date ideas you can't afford to miss.Find out more on renting a limousine
  3. Take a River Boat Cruise: Go on a cruise with your partner. You would find a cruise company in your city or town. Get on boat. Cruising with your partner can be fun as you will spend quality time and get to know each other while on a cruise ship.Read more on river boat cruise
  4. Canoe Ride: An alternative to cruising can be a canoe ride. A canoe ride with your partner is just so great. Picture yourself with your partner in a small canoe, in a quiet river, having a wonderful time. Don't forget to take pictures. these pictures will later be used to your advantage.
  5. Have a Picnic: Have a Picnic at home or away from home. Don't forget to take champagne. One of the best places to have a picnic is in the woods, at the top of a city story building, at the top of a hill overlooking a city or on a beach.Read more on romantic picnic ideas
  6. Cook Together: Cook a romantic meal together. It's a fun way of getting to know each other. Make fun and create a romantic atmosphere, while you cook.
  7. Attend Dancing Lessons Together: Attend dancing lessons together with your partner. Learning to dance salsa is a good example. There are salsa classes almost in every city. So, enrol into a dance class with your partner and dance the evening away.
  8. Eat in a buffet Restaurant: Eating in a buffet restaurant is a wonderful experience. Take a table with you partner and eat as much as you can and enjoy the funky atmosphere that is always in the restaurant. One of the best times to eat is in the evening, especially on Friday and Saturday evenings.Read More on Buffet Restaurants
  9. Party Together With Your Partner: Take your partner to a party such as a wedding anniversary, graduation party etc. Share with other attendees and don't forget to treat your partner nicely. This would make your partner proud and filled with self esteem.

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