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''I will read free romance ebooks -I'll read at least one every week. I have discovered where I can''


''Danny, Danny, D-a-n-n-y?'' Someone called me.

I did not answer. I did not look up. I did not even bother to find out who was calling and why that person was calling me.

''Have you lost your senses?'' My mother shouted closed to my right ear!

I’d not lost my senses. It was far from that. The simple explanation was that I was reading one of my romance ebooks I just downloaded to my computer. It was ‘Irresistible Forces’ by romance author Brenda Jackson.

Romances are a great read. Romantic fiction, no doubt , is one of the best genres you can ever read. Thousands of people spend huge sums of money buying romances to consume in free time. They read these stories when they are travelling, on a romantic vacation, during their free time at home etc.Romance stories are stories of passion, intrigue and betrayal. You too can fully immerse yourself with tender romances and suspenseful adventures to heart-warming tales and historical sagas.

And, what if, instead of buying, you can actually read these stories of passion for free? Below are a great read, free of course, for your consumption. Enjoy.

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Our free romance ebooks have been divided into different sub categories including free romance novels and other helpful ebooks that can enable you to enjoy romance.

Free romance novels have been organised into five different categories: Passion, Classics, suspense and paranormal, heart and home, as well as inspirational.

  • Passion: If you want a spicier, decidedly hotter read, take this option.
  • Classics: These classics are quintessential modern love stories that are very romantic in nature.
  • Suspense and Paranormal: These are heart-stopping stories of intrigue and mystery but where true love always win.
  • Heart and Home: Do you want a situation where love can happen when you least expect? If yes, then these option should be your choice.
  • Inspirational:These are wholesome romances that touch the heart and soul.
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