Come Home Chloe, Come Home

by M D Zigo
(London, United Kingdom)

Come Home, Chloe, Come Home

Come Home, Chloe, Come Home

Come Home, Chloe, Come Home
Come Home, Chloe, Come Home

He lost her. He wants her. Will she come back to him? ( A short romance)

Part One

Dr. Ed starred at the wall clock in his office with a phlegmatic surprise. It was only forty five minutes to four pm, when his lecture on sex education at the University will begin. A good number of patients were still waiting outside his office to see him. He had to see all of them. But he did not want to be late for his lectures.

He yawned. He was tired. He knew he was one of the busiest persons on earth. He was a medical doctor at a General Hospital in Cameroon, where he was director at the Department of Tropical Diseases and Infections Control, a position he had assumed only a few years after graduating from King's College, London. His day was always a hectic one.

He attended to patients, listened to their troubles and worries, prescribed drugs, referred them to special units and labs. But these duties were just the least of his duties as he did surgery and managerial duties for the smooth running of his department and the hospital in general.

His lectures at the University were on Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays. He'd been teaching for nine years. He knew being a sex educationist was the best thing that ever happened to him since Chloe disappeared from his life, without saying goodbye and without a trace, ten years ago.

''You will just be fine,'' he told his troubled patient, who had honestly complained of falling sick after having unsafe sex. ''The nurse will do the necessary tests for you.''

This was his last patient. He looked at the clock again. It was exactly 4:00pm. He had to hurry. He took out his jacket, opened the cupboard and hanged it inside. Then he pulled out his stethoscope and deposited it in a drawer. He stepped out of the office and locked it, then turned along the long corridor that ended outside.

''Hi John, hello Mark, how are you doing Tom? Are you alright, dear?'' He greeted other doctors, nurses and some patients as he dodged them on the long and busy corridor.

His white Toyota was packed outside, almost at the entrance into the building. The sun was dying, but his car reflected whatever rays were left of it.

''He looked at his watch. It was already five minutes after four. It took ten minutes to drive to the University. He decided to make it five and he did. He parked his car in front of the Faculty of Arts building at the University.

His phone rang when he was on his way to Amphi-250, where his class was. The sudden, incessant ringing irritated him. He pulled it out, pressed the 'ok' button, and placed it on his ear.

''Hello,'' he answered. No one spoke. But he heard a faint, quiet rise and fall of someone's breathing. He looked at the screen.

The seconds were counting...

Part Two

''Hello, Eddy on the line. How can I help you?'' No answer. The caller stopped the call. He searched for the last call. It was unidentified. The caller had withheld the ID.

He half-ran to his class.

Students were waiting. He felt their eyes on him, as he made his way to the front of the class. He put his teaching materials, which consisted of his Laptop, projector, notebook and ball pen. He looked up.

''Good afternoon, dearest ones. I am sorry I am a few minutes late. Believe me it wasn't any of my fault.''

He looked around and realised his class has almost doubled in number. His class was made up of people from all walks of life- not only university students. Sex education was not started by the university. The course was his idea. He had started it when Chloe had left
him and the success of the course had resulted to a partnership with the University.

After what Chloe did to him and after she finally disappeared from his life, his anger had been unbearable. He had shot-up himself from society, partly because it was a scandal and everybody was talking about it and partly because he never imagined Chloe, of all persons, could do that to him. Sooner, he had realised shotting-up himself was no solution. Life had to continue. He graduated from that.

However, he fell into a worse evil: despite his busy schedule at the hospital, he made sure he had a different girl in his bed every night. Perhaps, he told himself, it was the only way to revenge against Chloe and the society that had made him a fool that he had become.

Again, he realised that such a lifestyle was threatening his very existence, especially when each and every girl he slept with started returning for more. He vowed to stop and he did.

The days that followed after were boring. And one day, he believed Chloe would never return. He thought about what she had done to him and what he could do to stop him from worrying about her every time. Sex education came to his mind and he didn't lock it up. He had always been good educating people about their sex lives. He started it and had since then travelled the world to give lectures.
But Chloe was in his every thought.

''Are there any new students here today?'' he asked, although he knew they were. A large number of students put up their hands. He didn't know why they came to his lectures. Maybe it was because he was extremely handsome, single, highly educated, rich and young. He was only 35. Or maybe it was because he was a good teacher. He knew he was. He gave a brief introduction of himself.

''Ok ladies and gentlemen,'' he continued after the intro. ''Where did we end last week?''

''We were on erogenous zones,'' a student reminded him.

''Oh yes, thank you. For the benefit of new students, what did we say are erogenous zones?'' A number of students put their hands up. He pointed to a girl on the first row.

''Erogenous zones are those parts of our body that are sensitive to stimulation and which promote sexual arousal.''

''That's beautiful, lady. Our bodies have both major and secondary erogenous zones. What are the major zones that you know?''

The answers came from almost all angles of the classroom.





''External genitals''

''What about the secondary erogenous zones?'' There was still a lot of murmuring. So he called the class to order and went ahead.

''Secondary erogenous zones differ from you and me, from one person to the other. These zones can include the back of the neck, ears, earlobes, eyelids and the soft skin at the top of the inner thighs. We can also include the anus, as many people are very sensitive around there.

''How can these zones, both major and secondary zones be stimulated? They can be stimulated by gentle stroking, licking, blowing or nibbling. You should understand that although stimulating these zones can be extremely pleasurable, they can also be distinctly uncomfortable or unpleasant. It's your duty to find out where your erogenous zones are situated. Finding those of your partner is half the fun of making love.''

''We will discuss each erogenous zone in detail. We will start with the female external genital,'' he said and walked to the table, switched on the Laptop and projector. Then he walked to the board.

His phone rang again.

''Excuse me, fellows. This may be an emergency at the hospital,'' he said and laughed, picked up the phone and walked to a corner of the classroom. It was still the unidentified caller.

Was someone stalking him?

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Come Home Chloe, Come Home

by M D Zigo
(London, United Kingdom)

He Lost Her. He Needs Her. Will She Come back to Him?

Part Three And Four : The Last Parts.

''Hello, Dr. Eddy Aroke here.'' There was no response. All he heard was that quiet rise and fall of someone's breathing. He stopped the call, switched the phone to silence and vibration, walked to the table and put it there.

''This is the female external genitals,'' he pointed at the diagram with a small touch that produced a tiny red light. ''Here is the fold of skin, called labia, that surrounds the entrance... They are very highly sensitive areas...''

Dr Aroke discussed in detail about the female genital organ before moving on to the male external genital organ, and then to other erogenous zones of the body.

He felt exhausted when the class came to an end. He gathered his teaching materials and walked out.

A number of students crowded around him. Most of them were girls and young women. They asked both important and less important questions but he took his time to answer their questions. If only he was married, he didn't think he would be tempted as he was being tempted. If only Chloe had not walked away, he wouldn't be so vulnerable, as he was in the midst of dozens and dozens of beautiful damsels.

As they walked on the veranda outside the Amphi-theatre, his phone rang again. This time it wasn't an unidentified caller. But it was a new number.

''Hello.'' There was no answer. There was only that quiet, gentle rise and fall of someone's breathing!

''Who the hell are you? Can you speak to me?'' he was really angry and irritated. The caller must have felt it, too.

''Hello!'' The voice was familiar. It was a lady's. He'd heard it before, in the distant past.

''Hello Eddy, it's me Chloe!'' the person said.

Dr Eddy Aroke dropped his bag on the ground, unconsciously. He couldn't believe it. He didn't believe it was Chloe. He had not seen her for ten years, ten long years. Each day, he'd hoped she would come back to him, come back home, but she never did, until now, until ten years after.

''Chloe?'' he asked, short of words.

''If you want to see me, I am in the garden beside Amphi-250, where you had your lecture. If not, no problem, I will go away and never bother you again.''

Dr Aroke turned; the garden was just a few metres away. But he couldn't see her, as part of the building blocked the garden. He wanted to, but he didn't walk there straight away. He walked and sat down on a chair close by and closed his eyes for a while.

The first flashback took him to London, England. He was a medical student then, at King's College London. It was summer and he was doing a part time summer holiday job as a customer service assistant at McDonald's restaurant in Camberwell. He'd just started work when a smartly looking, very attractive blonde walked into the restaurant.

Part Four

He'd looked straight into her charming face and rested his eyes there, and even when she caught him looking at her suggestively, he'd not taken them away. She'd smiled at him and instead of walking to his till to have him serve her, (he had no customers in front of him) she'd walked away to another till. But their eyes had kept locking, she looking away instantly. When she was leaving, Eddy was still starring at her.

When she glanced at his direction, he'd waved. She'd waved back, shyly, though.

A few days passed. He thought he would never see her again. Each day, he thought of her. And one evening, when he had closed work and about to go home, she had come. His life had changed from that day, when they had met and introduced themselves. She was everything he had ever wanted: beautiful, lovely, jovial, caring, friendly, and happy and with a great sense of humour. She was English, a student and only 17 and as the days went by, they were madly in love.

Eddy remembered the long walks they had along River Thames, at London Bridge, at night, under a star filled sky. He remembered the laughter, the joy, the hugs, the kisses, the embrace they had shared at Covent Garden. Then he remembered the day he had slipped a ring into her finger and kissed her when the priest said, 'You can kiss the bride.'

He'd been asked to stay and practice in the UK, after his graduation from medical school, but he had refused and decided to return home to help a population threatened by pandemics and dreadful tropical diseases. Chloe had decided to come with him.

He smiled after remembering all these but his smile soon faded away when he had a second flashback.

It happened at the hospital on a Tuesday, ten years ago. He'd spent the night in hospital and was about to return home the next morning when a nurse hurried to his office.

''We have a complicated case,'' she had informed him. He'd hurried to a room with the nurse. On the bed was Chloe. She seemed unconscious. She was in a pull of blood that was oozing out from between her thighs. Eddy was going crazy. What came to his mind was that his wife had been raped. He was going crazy.

It wasn't rape. It was worst than rape. The nurse told him what had happened, without remorse. He starred at her, didn't know what was going on. In the next thirty minutes, he worked on his beautiful wife.

Eddy was confused when he finished the work. He left Chloe in the room and went out for some fresh air, his head spinning. He felt like smoking a cigarette, although he'd never had one before. He didn't even want to think about what had happened. He didn't even believe it.

When he returned 30 minutes later to his wife, she was gone! All efforts to find her were futile. She never came back, until now.

A few days after she'd left, he had listened to his neighbours' conversations.

''Have you heard what happened to Dr. Eddy Aroke?'' one of them asked

''Who hasn't?'' But the first person went ahead to explain.

''Everyday, when he is away, his wife brings in a lover. That morning...'' Dr Eddy immediately tried to block his ears from these gossiping neighbours. He heard their laughter afterward. Those silly neighbours had laughed, at him! He knew they knew he heard them.

The newspapers had carried the story. He didn't believe it. The only person he wanted to hear what actually happened was Chloe. But, he never saw Chloe again, or heard of her until now, of course.

He stood up and walked towards her. As he did, a gentle breeze started blowing. The trees started swaying in all directions. The dying sun came alive again. He saw her. She was sitting down under a tree. When she saw him, she stood up. At 30, Eddy realised she was the most attractive woman he'd ever met. She was wearing a beautiful white blouse, black skirt and shoe. Her hair was at shoulder's length. They starred at each other for a long time.

''Why did you do it, Chloe? Why did you leave? Why have you come back?'' Eddy wanted to ask, but he didn't. The questions were so many. He wanted to rush and embrace her and kiss her and hug her all at once. But he didn't. He wanted to beat the hell out of her, like he used to beat his extremely stubborn little brother, when they were young. In the end he did nothing.

''I was lonely and young, Eddy, I was ashamed of what I did,'' she said and started crying. He just stood there looking at her. She turned away from him.

''I am sorry. I shouldn't have come. But I came because all those years, I was faking life. I finally realised I couldn't live without you''

She was sobbing. He thought she would breakdown. He walked closer and held her. He could feel her flinching from the touch of his hands. She turned and faced him. He took her into his arms and fought the urge to kiss her attractive lips.

''It was my fault, Chloe. It was my fault. I was staying too long away from home. I allowed my work to take precedence over our relationship.''

''No, Eddy. No. It was my entire fault. Do not shift the blame to you. Do you still hate me? Do you still love me?''

''I never hated you. I have always loved you. And all those years I kept telling myself you will come home to me.''

Her face lit up. It appeared as though a heavy weight had been lifted off her.

''Come, dear, come. Let's go home.'' He told her, as a group of people started casting glances their way.

''Wait. I have a surprise for you. Baby,'' she called. ''Come and meet Daddy.''

Eddy looked up. A young girl was gathering some flowers. She turned and surprisingly looked at them. Then she ran towards them. Eddy knew she was his daughter. No one had to make him believe. She was his look alike.

''I was pregnant when I left.'' Chloe disclosed. Dr. Eddy wanted to talk, but his mouth was constipated. He pulled them to him. Then he felt hot tears flowing down his cheeks. When he looked at Chloe, she too, was crying.

''Let's go home,'' he finally said. ''There is a wide gap we have to fill, before it's too late.'' He held their hands and they walked quietly towards his white Toyota.

The End

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