Cheap Marriage Proposal Ideas

-- Cheap Marriage Proposal Ideas --

Yes, it's time to ask that special lady if she wants to spend the rest of her life with you. You don't want her to say no and your want your proposal to be as memorable as ever. But at the same time you want to keep your proposal cheap and simple. Not because you are a cheap guy, but maybe because circumstances don't permit you to use an expensive proposal idea, as you've always wanted it to be.

Sincerely, if you can't make it that expensive and grand, don't worry at all.

Let it be cheap and simple. Marriage proposals don't have to put you into debt.

There are very cheap marriage proposal ideas that are sure to sweep your partner off her feet, leaving her completely mesmerized and ready to say yes, even before you finish proposing.

what are these ideas? We have compiled dozens of cheap ideas you can choose from. Lets dive straight to these ideas.

Cheap Marriage Proposal Ideas.

You need an engagement ring to propose. So, get one ready. Most of the ideas below require that you already have an engagement ring.

  1. Proposing at The Beach: The beach is a very romantic place. There are few places that push people in the mood for romance as the beach. It's the perfect place to propose to your partner. So, take her to the beach on a bright day. while there, tell her you want to draw something on the sand. she shouldn't see it when you are drawing it. Then draw the shape of a heart. Inside it, write ''Will you marry me?'' When you are done with your drawing, invite her to have a look. Be ready with your ring.
  2. The Place You First Met Each Other: Take her to the place you first met each other and fell in love or to the place you had your first date. Talk about that day and end by proposing to her.
  3. Proposing with Flowers: It's amazing how you can use flowers to create the perfect marriage proposal idea, and at a relatively cheaper cost. So, get creative with flowers. Use them in your proposal stories. There are many ways to do this. One way is to deliver flowers to your sweet-heart at work or at home, and be there with a ring to go down on your knees and propose. Another way is to use the engagement ring to clasp a small bunch of flowers together. Some people start sending flowers twelve days before they propose and on the twelve day, they appear in person with a bouquet of flowers and a ring to propose. If twelve days is too long, make it 11 hours. Have someone deliver flowers to your partner every hour and on the twelve hour, appear in person and propose. Sometimes, other people bring three roses. One for the past, one for the present and the last one, which carries a ring, signifies the future. Indeed, you can do more with flowers. So, get creative and use flowers as one of your cheap marriage proposal ideas.
  4. Over a Candle Lit Dinner: Are you a good cook? Make your partner's best dinner.Set up a romantic mood such as lighting of candles, playing of romantic love and marriage songs. Invite her over and propose over the dinner.
  5. Freeze the Engagement Ring: Freeze the engagement ring and use it as an ice-curb in her drink. While she drinks, the ice will melt. when she finishes her drink, she won't miss the ring. Be there to propose to her.
  6. Take a Walk and Propose: Do you know of any romantic paths in your city or where you live. A garden, wood, beach is a perfect place to go for a walk. So, invite her. While you walk, choose a perfect place and time to propose.
  7. Propose During a Romantic Picnic: Invite your partner for a romantic picnic. Take her favourite food and drinks and while you have your picnic, propose to her.
  8. While Watching the Stars or a City at Night: One of the best places to Watch the Stars or a city is from a hill top or top of the tallest buildings in your city. Take her to one of these places and have a quiet time there. Then tell her how cool it is to watch the stars or city with her and that you will like to continue watching it with her for the rest of your life. Then go down and propose to her.
  9. Print it on a Menu: Print ''Will You Marry Me?'' on a Menu and give it to a waiter of a great restaurant. Then take her there for dinner. When you both ask for the menu, the waiter will hand it over to her. Then, be there to make it complete.
  10. Wrap The Ring in a Huge Gift Box: Another cheap marriage proposal idea is to wrap the engagement wring in a huge box and present it to your partner as a gift. Your partner will think it's a large gift and when she opens it, imagine the surprise on her face. Propose then.
  11. Propose During a Massage: Give your partner a very romantic massage. But you must reserve her left hand.This means her left hand should be the last to massage and while you massage it, ask for her hand in marriage.
  12. Propose during a 'question -answer' session. You will both ask each other those fun relationship questions. When it's your turn, ask her to marry you and have your ring ready.
  13. Replace the Chocolate with a Ring: Buy a box of fancy chocolates. Take out the chocolate and replace it with a ring. Then give it as a gift to your partner. Be ready to propose when she opens it.
  14. Propose in a Letter: Use the old fashion style of writing a love letter. You can tell her all the reasons why you love her and end with '' Because of all these reasons, I want you to marry me. Will you marry me?''

These and more are cheap marriage proposal ideas you should use, if you want to keep it simple and cheap. I bet these will yield the desired results.

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