Cheap Date Ideas

cheap date ideas

Looking for cheap date ideas? Maybe you are on a budget but still want to have a fantastic dating experience with your partner.

The ideas below will still enable you to have fun and a memorable date. Many people, like you do not have huge sums of money to organise exquisite dates. All that motivate them is the love and yearning for their partner.

So use the ideas below to ensure you have that experience you've been looking for.

  1. Go feed ducks at a pond with your partner.
  2. Watch the sunrise or sunset.
  3. Sunbath in the summer or on a sunny day.
  4. Visit the beach, if there is one where you live.
  5. Sit near a railway line and watch the trains go by.
  6. Cook together with your partner. It's one of our best cheap date ideas.
  7. Watch TV together at home.
  8. Listen to your best romantic songs together.
  9. Spend the evening playing a romantic puzzle game.
  10. Pick apples at an orchard.
  11. Visit a museum together.
  12. Bike together. Biking with your date across your neighbourhood can be fun.
  13. Have a movie night at home.
  14. Have a picnic for two only. You can have it in your backyard
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  16. Go play a mini gulf game.
  17. Visit a historic site.
  18. Go play outdoor games with your partner.
  19. Volunteer together. You can volunteer to clean a church or work in a senior home.
  20. Attend free local festivals such as music festivals.
  21. Share an ice-cream.
  22. Visit an art gallery.
  23. Attend a lecture.
  24. Go to local concerts.
  25. Visit a city park.
  26. Visit the zoo and have fun.
  27. Go for a winery tour and don't forget to go wine tasting.
  28. Visit the beach
  29. Walk through a mall and feel the experience.
  30. Visit a botanic garden.

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