How Good is Your Bedroom Romance?

''How Good is my bedroom romance? Not so good - I am afraid! My wife and I don't care very much any more. It's pathetic!''

Romance can die with time in a relationship. Life's many toils, difficulties and day to day obligations can make romance to disappear from our lives.

But is romance supposed to ebb away from our relationships, just like that? Absolutely no.

Romance ought to be a part and parcel of our relationships and one of the places to re-invigorate the passion that we once had when we originally met our partner, is the bedroom.

Take a look around your bedroom. How does it look like? What do you see? Does it have the look and feel that appeal to romantic senses - our senses?

The bedroom is a place for romance and resting and not for anything else. So you have to make the bedroom to be just that - a place for love and romance.

Bedroom Romance: How Can I Make The Bedroom Just For That?

To ensure bedroom romance, you have to create a romantic bedroom. So, how do you go about creating a romantic bedroom?

1. You Must Remove Everything That Isn't Romantic: This may include dirty dresses, dishes and everything else that stand in the way of romance. The TV is one of those things that you don't need in your bedroom.

Why? Because it distracts romance. All these unromantic things should be kept somewhere else. The TV, for instance can go to the living room or den.

2. Ensure The Bedroom Has The Right Mood: Is the bedroom too light or too dark? Is it too warm or too cold? Are there other things that prevent the feelings of romance? Take care of these things. You can display and light candles to enable warmness and fragrance.

You MUST clean your room thoroughly to eliminate odour. And, play very good romantic songs. You should also have bottles of wine and champaign available to heighten the mood and to relax.

3. Designing The Bedroom For Romance: Design the bedroom for romance. Add romantic pictures and works of arts that create romantic feelings.

Spruce-up your bedroom with these rare pieces. Add romantic flowers that appeal to all senses. Pick the right colours for the room.

4. How Does Your Bed Look Like? The bed is the largest furniture in the room and surely the most used. Is your bed too large or too small? Get the right bed size. But remember to leave enough in your room.

Do you have a solid bed or does it squeak all the time you climb on it? Banish the squeaking bed. What about the right sheets and covers. Make sure every thing about your bed looks fantastic.

So What should I do Now?

Arranging the bedroom for romance NOW can be a wonderful romance idea. Redecorate the bedroom or get one that is just right for romance.

One of the best ways to do it is to redecorate it when your sweet-heart is away, so you can actually surprise him or her when they return from their sojourn. He or she will love you for doing it.

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