Lady Gaga's Bad Romance and Lyrics

bad romance

Many critics have different views about Lady Gaga's song, Bad Romance.

While some people believe the song is a creative piece of work by Lady Gaga (who is an American singer and song writer), others believe it is a metaphorical, yet precise description of the steps that must be taken to become part of a mega-pop-star-machine.

This later group of people also believe there is an obvious sense of sadomasochism and that the song is about submitting to evil in order to become famous.

This site wouldn't take sides. Our intention is to provide the most basic information about the song and not attempt its deeper interpretation, if there is any.

As already discussed, the song was composed and performed by a top American songwriter and singer, Lady Gaga, whose real name is Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta.The song reached number one in so many countries including United Kingdom and Canadian.

It has sold over 9.7 million copies since it was produced. Many critics thought the song was great. They compared it to Lady Gaga's second single, Poker Face.

The song was also ranked the best selling song by Rolling Stone in their 25 list of best songs of 2009.

It also received the Granny Award for Best Female Pop Vocal Performance.

Today, Bad Romance on YouTube, the music website, has received 426, 596, 869 views with 519, 205 likes and 110 372 dislikes.

The Lyrics

The lyrics for this song are found below.

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