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active date ideas

Looking for active date ideas? Look no further. We have compiled a long list of ideas that will ensure you stay active while on a date.

Being active while on a date is highly recommended for any relationship. During an active date, you get to share exciting experiences and at the same time, you improve you health while having fun.

So, lets dive straight to these ideas.

  1. Fun Biking: Cruise around your neighbourhood, town or city with your partner. To make it more exciting, you can get a bike built for two. Evenings and weekends are the best time to cruise the city with your partner.
  2. Rock Climbing: Learn the rock climbing robes and take some risk climbing rocks. It's very interesting indeed.
  3. Salsa Classes or Dancing: Do you love Dancing? Do you love salsa. Learn how to dance salsa with your partner or go out for salsa dancing. You are going to love it.
  4. Volunteer Together: Volunteer to work together with your partner. There are so many volunteer centres. A quick search will give you a lot of ideas. A good place to volunteer is Old People's Home or Church. But there are also more exciting places to volunteer.
  5. Plant Symbolic Love Trees: Spend time with your partner planting love trees. Then take time to tender to these trees as they grow. Safe the environment while having fun. You can plan a tree at the park, in your home or somewhere else you love.
  6. Garden Together: Gardening together is a fun active date idea. Try it.
  7. Play a Sport: Play a sport both of you like. Football? handball? Golf? The choice is yours.
  8. Canoe Ride: Take a canoe ride down the river. Stay safe. If you need a guide, take one. Take along with you a camera. You will need a lot of pictures. Memories of these pictures in the future can cement your relationship.
  9. Singing and Dancing in the Rain: When the rain is falling, jump in with your partner. Sing and dance in the rain. Watch Gene Kelly's ''I'm singing in the rain'' on YouTube. It's great.This is one of our best active date ideas.
  10. Go swimming: Go swimming with your partner on a warm summer afternoon.
  11. Build a Snowman: Head out into the snow and build a snowman or snow couple together with your partner.
  12. Play At the Beach: Play at the beach with your partner. A good game to play at the beach is beach volleyball.
  13. Head to the Beach: Head to the beach with your partner and have fun. Swim, play in the sand, build sand castles. Take a long walk along the beach.
  14. Camp Out: Camp out with your partner. Make a camp fire. Sit in front and tell tales and childhood experiences.
  15. Romantic Swings: Visit the swings with your partner. Sit in the swings with your partner and play around, like you used to do when you were a kid.
  16. Play Hide and Seek Together: Become children again and part-take in those childhood activities you used to do. It's fun.
  17. Visit an Orchard: Visit an orchard. There, you can pick apples ar harvest pumpkin.
  18. Walk or Run: Take a long walk or run across your town or neighbourhood. You can walk through a mall, at the beach, in a garden etc.
  19. Go Window Shopping: Window shopping can be very interesting indeed. Try it.
  20. strongPlay Tennis Together.
  21. strongPlay Football Together.
  22. Play handball together.
  23. Play romantic games together.
  24. Play video games together.
  25. Go Fishing. Take your partner out to a fun fishing trip down the river.
  26. Rent a Limousine and cruise the city: If you have enough money, rent a limousine and cruise the city together. While in the limousine, have fun. Watch a romantic film. Drink some wine or pop a bottle of champaign. Also one of our best active date ideas.
  27. Dance The Night Away: Organise to dance to the tune of some romantic songs with your partner. Dance late into the night.
  28. Go on a scavenger hunt.
  29. Become a tourist in your city, Town or Village: Take your partner to visit those tourist attractions that you both have always neglected. It's fun.
  30. Yoga Together: If you are into Yoga, invite your friend to have a yoga class together.
  31. Romantic Picnics: Have a picnic with your partner. Remember to choose an interesting place to go such as the beach, hill top etc.
  32. Watch the city or town from a hilltop: Go to the top of the hill if there is one and watch the city with your partner.
  33. Watch the city from a rooftop: Watch your city from the rooftop of the tallest building in the city.
  34. Go Hiking with your partner.
  35. Go skating together.
  36. Ride a fairy or steam boat together.
  37. Visit a Museum.
  38. Attend a firework show or event and blast a few of yours, such as on new year's eve.
  39. Walk around a University or College Campus: It can be your former university or that of your partner.
  40. Go to a Winery Tour or Wine Tasting Event: There, don't forget to pop and share a bottle between you. But don't get drunk.

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