A Little Romance

''I just fell in love with A Little Romance, when I first watched it.''

Do you like romantic comedies? If you do, this film is one of such films. The film was a 1979 comedy, which starred Lawrence Oliver and Diane Lane.

It was directed by Roy Hill and the screen play was by Allan Burns and George Roy.

It's a movie to smile about, as it tells about adolescent love. The movie captures the appealing romance of first love, something almost all of us go through at a certain stage in our life, but mostly during out teen years.

In A Little Romance, Lauren King is a highly intelligent girl and from an affluent family. An American girl living in France, she spends her free time reading Heideggar.

Daniel Michon is entirely from another world. He is 13, highly intelligent and from a poor family. He is a French boy who loves Hollywood films and who uses his talent with Maths to make theoretical bets on horse races.

When Daniel and Lawren King meet and fall in love, Lawren's flirtatious step mother seriously rejects. She considers Michon a filthy French boy who's not suitable for her daughter. She is determined to split the two.

Lawren and Michon decide to run away to Venice in order to kiss under the Bridge of Sighs at sunset while the bells toll. They have been told this meant they will love each other for ever! They are aided in this adventure by Julius (an older and kindly gentleman and a pickpocket.

Although this film did not become an international best seller, it however won won two good prices and there have been a remake.

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