A Fine Romance - a British Situation Comedy

''I will watch a romantic comedy with him. A fine Romance is just perfect and will make our day. I know he will love it, just as I'll.''

a fine romance

Do you love watching romantic comedies? If you do, A Fine Romance is one for you.

This was a British Situation comedy, starring husband and wife team Judi Drench and her real life partner, Michael William.

The series was written Bob Larbey and produced by London Weekend Television.

It was first broadcasted on Nov 8th and lasted for 26 episodes.

A lot of people agree that Judi and Michael fit together so well and the memories of the series, although produced in the awesome 80s, are still fresh in the minds of viewers.

Many believed it was the finest of sitcoms and others say it was a very enjoyable romantic British comedy.

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