A Day With Lady Therese - A short Romance with Settings in London, Brussels and Cologne

by A Book Chapter From Author Zigo's Upcoming Novel.
( When I was fifteen, something happened between Lady Therese and I...)

Free Romance Stories - A Day With Lady Therese

Free Romance Stories - A Day With Lady Therese

Amazing indeed! Shawn had come a long way. He'd found a dream. He was realising it. He had always been a complicated person, but not long ago, he'd found something much uncomplicated to make life worth living.

The dancers were great- sweet beautiful ladies and handsome men from all walks of life. They'd come prepared to learn. They'll soon be sweeping others to the dance floor, leaving them mesmerised and longing for more, as Shawn had pointed out. When Shawn just started dancing salsa, he'd told me he couldn't wait to know how to dance, because he w'll be able to sweep off any kind of woman he wanted. Now he was not only able to sweep the women, but also able to pass the salsa on and make others feel full and happy.

As I sat there, I fell into a reverie. Something had happened when I was fifteen and a half years old. Shawn had made me to go through my first sexual experience- not with a girl, not with a girl my age, not even with someone close to my age but with someone old enough to be my mother, a thirty five year old prosecutor who worked at the Royal Court of Justice in Holborn.

''Buddy boy, I want you to meet someone special.'' He'd told me.

''Someone special? Who can that be?''

''A lady- high profile lady who works at the Royal Court of Justice in Holborn. She is a prosecutor.''

''Why should I meet her?''

''She wants sex,'' Shawn replied. I stared at Shawn as if he was crazy.

''And you think she wants a kid like me?''

''Well, yes. Actually, she doesn?t know you are just fifteen. Told her you are eighteen. So, in case you want to see her, you have to behave maturely.''

''You are sick, Shawn. You are crazy. Where did you meet this lady to discuss about me?''

''Through a friend of hers. I helped her friend go through a cold period- gave her the best I could. She never stopped talking about it and won't let me go. Told her friend-her friend happened to be this lady we are talking about.''


''And she said she wanted someone like me- confided in her friend.''

''And you think I am someone like you- ha ha! You must be really crazy. You know what? You know I am a virgin and will disappoint this lady, don't you?''

''That's the more reason I want you to meet a mature lady to take away that virginity of yours. Who cares if she is disappointed or not? You are the one who want to be a writer, don't you. I bet when you describe your experience with this lady- when you tell your readers how you met her, when you describe how both of you stood there naked, when you describe how you pulled her closer to you and kissed her- when you describe how you went into her...!''

''Shut up! will you? Describe- is that the only thing you know a writer does?''

''Ok buddy, ok. Just go do this- just this one time. Are you in or out?'' he asked.

From past experiences, Shawn had always had his way in these things. So far, I was glad that he'd never asked me to murder someone, just so I'll be able to describe a perfect scene in my book- a future book, of course, that may never even be written. I knew he would talk me into carrying out his proposal, no matter how long it took. He always had his way. It was better to do this and get over with. So, I said:

''I am in.''

''Good boy. That's why I like you. And, you will not regret at all. One more thing- it's not a free service. She will pay you for having fun.''

''What next?'' I asked.

''I will link you two. Expect a call from her.'' I didn't believe I was hearing those words from Shawn, my age mate and friend.

Two days later, I'd received a strange call.

''Hello. Danny here, how may I help you?''

''Hello Danny. I am Therese. Someone sent me your number- said it's from Shawn. Can we meet?''

''Yes. Just name the time and place.'' I said, excited.

''Let's see. What about tomorrow, at 11:30am, St Pancras International, at King's Cross? Are you doing something tomorrow?''

''No. That's fine,'' It was a Christmas Holiday.

''And...'' she had stopped and waited. I'd heard her taking a deep breath.

''And what?'' I?d pushed.

''Look, I'll be on my way to Cologne for an official business. I decided to use the train this time and thought we could go together?'' It was half explanation, and half question. She'd paused, waiting for an answer.

''Cologne, Germany you mean?''

''Yes. We'll stop in Brussels and have time for a cup of tea. Then we'll take Thalys, the high speed train to Cologne at four-twenty-eight. We'll arrive Germany early, before six and have the whole evening, night and early next day only to ourselves. We'll take a late night flight to London the next day''. Will you go with me?'' she'd asked.

''You've already booked transport for two, haven't you?'' she hesitated before answering.

''Yes, I have. But that's not a problem if you don't want to come.''

''Ok. I will meet you at 11:30 am, at St Pancras International. Is that sealed?''

''Yes, it's a deal. See you.''

Luckily that week, my parents had travelled to the US, with my
elder brother. So, I was home alone. I left for St Pancras International at 11:00am.

Lady Therese had been waiting for me at the station. She was blonde. Her hair was long and gold-like and fell on her shoulders. She was wearing something that could only be referred to as 'modern simplicity'. She had a white blouse with front ruffling and a gorgeously sculpted tulip skirt in dazzling pink and a beaded flat, gladiator sandal. A gold necklace with pearl beads was on her neck. In fact, she looked beautiful, bold, modernly simple but at the same time elegant and different, different because although it was cold and every other woman was at the station wore thick black clothes, she wore a near summer dress.

I was myself sophisticated- had dressed to impress- that kind of thing and to look masculine and grown-up. I was in a very expensive blue-black suit and black shoe, pink shirt and a sparkling blue-black cravat. Then I had sprayed my father's perfume, and even brought it along with me.

When I'd approached her, I'd kissed her on both jaws and then took her hand into my palms, and had even squeezed as I walked her along towards security control. If she?d thought I was too young for her, she'd not voiced it then. She'd been excited to meet me and had a wonderful face and body to look at and her smile too was an added advantage.

Our journey to Cologne was quiet. We stopped at Brussels Midi, and had time for coffee together as she'd pointed out. Then we boarded Thalys, the high speed train to Cologne. We'd arrived Cologne at six-eighteen, and had boarded a cab to Sofitel Koln Mondial Am Dom (Hotel Mondial Am Dom), a five star hotel located close to the famous Cathedral in Cologne, the Rhine and the Exhibition Station, and also not far away from the Station. Therese had done all the bookings and the welcoming staff had just assisted us to our room in the third floor which was elegant enough and allowed us to have a view of the city.

''What a journey!'' Therese said and threw herself on the bed with all the carelessness she could pull together. I'd just walked and stood by the side of the window to watch the city and the passing traffic. It was my first time to Cologne.

''I am glad you decided to come with me. Should have been very boring being here on my own. Well, first thing, I'll arrange for supper. Second thing, I'll take a bath. Do you have any special dietary requirements?''

''No. I eat everything. I am herbivorous. So, anything will just be fine. But, I like delicious meals,'' Therese had laughed.

''You know, you remind me of someone I know.''

''Do I? I hope that person's a nice person.''

Therese just smiled and didn't answer. She was already on the phone. After arranging for supper (and I also heard some sweet, strong red wine) to be delivered in two hours, Lady Therese had turned to me:

''It's time to take a bath, want to join me?'' I hadn't expected this, so I instantly declined.

''Well, maybe, next time. I will love to relax alone in there, all by myself, after such a tiring journey.'' I told her.

''I understand, but do help me with my blouse. Can you unzip it from behind, please? It's a difficult thing to do myself.'' She turned and faced away and I unzipped the blouse for her and carefully placed it on the bed. But Therese didn't move.

''The bra, please, must also be taken off from behind.''

So, I unstrapped the bra, pulled it off her hands and carefully folded it and placed it on the blouse.

She'd unbuttoned her skirts, unzipped it and allowed it to fall on the floor, leaving a tiny bikini-like string. She then sat on the bed, pulled off her shoe, then the skirt. She looked at me and our eyes met. I was looking at her gorgeous body. She smiled at me and went on with her activity. But by the time she'd started pulling her string- her pant, I was already walking off to the window. She'd walked into the bathroom and had spent almost twenty minutes. Then she'd emerged at the door.

''Can you help me, please?'' her voice was soft and sexy. She had a towel in her hand. Then she walked into the room and handed the towel to me. I took it. I knew what was expected of me. I knew what she wanted me to do. But I didn't do it. Instead, I stood there, like a statue and stared at Lady Therese. She was naked and wet- wet all over her body. There was water running all over that body. The water followed the various contours of her body, stopping where her body rose, and rushing down where her body fell. There was water dripping from her hair into the carpet and I only stood there, staring at her and her at me.

We men are such lecherously lascivious- and I was not even a man. I was a teenager. I was in my mid teens but I can’t even attempt to explain how I felt. The feeling was beyond explanation. There are some images that when you see them, they remain imbedded in the subconscious forever. I see Therese every day, standing there, naked, with that water running down her body and dripping from her hair...

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Jun 27, 2011
This Short Romance- Porn-oriented?
by: Anonymous

Dannyboy, it now looks like I have a fix on you and the way you "stumble" upon.... its soft core, no less! But how bold, to conceive near rape of adolescence, and the tintillating expectancy in it beats the reader to hold still.

Kudos can nearly not be enough as you put to pen and paper the realities of the complex world in which we now live in, where a woman can proposition a man, a lawyer can delve into illicit paid sex, where the hotels of such grandeur and renown too take on the fleeting lovers that populate the world.... I think if I don't stop, someone will be mad!

Man, do make sure the suspense you've created is worth the while! Else, .....

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