Until Max Came Along

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I was still thinking when Bett and her friend left the restaurant. I dashed out myself.

''Bett, Bett, can we have a little chat?'' She stopped and looked at me.

''Where are you popping out from? You've been following me, again.''

''Yes, I have. And I apologise. But we have to talk, ok?''

''Not today. We have somewhere to go.Bett, come on, we are getting late,'' Chimney said, as she lit a cigarette.

'' Mind your business, Chimney. This doesn't concern you.'' I snapped.

''Who here is called Chimney?'' Chimney said and looked around. She didn't even know Chimney was her nick-name. Bettina started laughing.

''Bett, this is the last time I'll follow you again. Tell me you don't want to talk to me. Tell me you don't love me anymore. Tell me you don't ever want to see me again and I will walk out of your life, for good.

''It's cold, girl friend. Let's be on our way!'' It was Chimney again.

''Please, Carina, give me a few minutes. Wait in the car,'' she told her friend.

''Thank you, Bett.''

''But it's really cold. We have to be quick.''

''Then lets talk in the car. My car is just around the corner, please.''

We walked to my car. When I opened the door and shuffled her into the car, she froze. There was a Teddy Bear on the front seat. There was a message on it. It read. ''To mum: Please mum, come home. From Olle.''

''He wants you to come home. Don't think he doesn't miss you. Don't think we don't miss you. We do.''

''You made him to do this, right?''

''It was his idea. Not mine. But we all want you to come home.''

''So you can hurt my feelings again.''

''I didn't hurt your feelings, Bett. You were the one who made me mad. You kissed Max, in public, in an intimate way. I was jealous. I was jealous because I love you. If I didn't, it shouldn't have bothered me.''

''It was just a kiss.''

''I didn't receive it that way.''

''You see Danny, when I threatened to quit - when I was quitting, you didn't even make an effort to stop me. Instead you made stupid comments about going for a STD test when I returned. I was so hurt.''

''I was seriously hurt, too, when I tried to advice you about the marriage and you said it was stupidity.''

''But you were...''

''Bett, please, we've both made our mistakes. I'll admit mine. And I am deeply sorry. Can we all keep our pride aside and agree. Can we all put everything behind us and start again? We had a wonderful time.

Every passing day, I reminded myself of those beautiful walks along the parks, the warm burble baths we took, the romantic evening dinners.

Every day I remember those warm kisses between us, your majic hands on me, the laughter we shared and those silly moments we had with the kids. I remember the romantic meals we ate, both at home and outdoors. The list is endless. And I miss them all

And you cannot tell me you don't miss them, too. Come on Bett. We made a vow. Till death do us part. But it's not only the vow, it's about the the wonderful time we were having. And I want that to continue. What about you?''

Bett looked into my eyes. At last she spoke:

''Me too!'' she said.

''You mean it?''

''Yes, I do. You won't believe how lonely I've been. I've wanted so badly to return home, Danny. You know that two-word phrase you always told me about?''

''Bad Influence?''

''Yes, bad influence. But I don't want to blame it completely on that. I'd like to blame myself...''

''Come on, sweetie. No regrets.'' I drew her closer. My words were already becoming superfluous. So I needed to step in with a kiss. And kissing Bett was an exciting adventure - a wonderful adventure into a dreamland. The kiss was long, intensive, sweet and reminded me of what my wife and I had missed.

''Bett, let's go home, right now.''

''What about my friend?''

''Forget about her. She's a big girl. But we have to go home. Right away. You know what I have in mind?''

''I bet I do.'' Bett said.

I started the car and sped off. I wanted to ask her about Max, but I didn't. I knew she would tell me everything, another time.

All I wanted was to get home soon.

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