10 Romantic Sorry SMS

Sorry SMS

Sorry SMS

Below is my collection of ten romantic sorry SMS that you can use when you really want to say sorry.

1) Sweetheart I would like to ask for your forgiveness by paraphrasing our Catholic church confession prayer called act of contrition. ?Oh my love I?m very sorry because I have wronged you, who is so good and with your pardon, I will not wrong you again.?

2) My love please let?s not play the blame game. It?s a shame neither of us is willing to bear the blame at this juncture. Can we put that into our past and focus on our blame free future?

3) My mistake is giving me a headache. My mistake is also giving me stomach ache. Please I?m sorry do whatever it takes to forgive me and it will cure my aches.

4) You can call me a dog (blood hound) for biting you and inflicting you with wounds. I?ve been a buffoon and for that I?m sorry my love. You are the only one I think of, please let me come back as a doctor to treat your wounds. I hope it will happen soon because when I don?t see you it?s like you are far on the moon.

5) I?ve been thinking of how to bridge our gap. You used to reach my lap and cuddle me to a rich nap. But now you are gone and I only snap. I can?t even eat my snack or feed the cat. I?m sorry come back let?s kick my bad, read our map and bridge the gap.

6) When I make my confession and you don?t respond, I go into confusion. Can?t you see that I have made my admission of guilt? Baby please change your emotion and make a reconsideration.

7) Remember the good times we spent together. We went through the stormy weather and promised to be forever. What happened to our love fever? My love we can be better, let?s see each other, talk it out and for old times sake, please come back together.

8) I was wrong to blame you. After all we?ve been through, it?s now I realise that the right one was you. I can make it up, we promised ?I do.?

9) If we keep playing the blame game then we are like boxers who keep punching and punching. Can?t you see that no one is winning? Let?s get to talking so that we can proceed to forgiving and forgetting.

10) When we keep grudges in our hearts, we will always be sad but when we put them out and excuse each other we throw the grudges apart.

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