10 Romantic Flirt Text Messages

by Rodriques N. Atem

Romantic Flirt Text Messages

Romantic Flirt Text Messages

Sending a flirt sms to somebody you want to flirt with is very significant. It shows that you are interested in them. This is to ensure that they know about your strong erotic emotions.

You need to tell them before they can know about it. They may be even willing to also flirt with you. We have made your work easier.

The following is a collection of romantic flirt text messages. You never know, one of these sms messages may do it for you. So don’t hesitate to use one.

1) There are all types of love; Agape love, filial love, mutual love but the one which I feel for you so strongly is erotic love. So can we love each other in that area?

2) If you want to love me know that I’m like the backseat of a taxi cab. There are dozens of people who have sat there but I’m ready if you also want to sit there.

3) I love the letter ‘S’ and you also love the letter ‘E’. I know a place where mathematicians find the letter ‘X’ but they’re all gone. So can we both go to that place and find ‘X’ to complete a word?

4) ''At a movie theatre or my room?'' ''I prefer the latter.'' ''Lights on or lights off?'' ''I prefer the latter.'' ''clothes on or clothes off?” ''I prefer the latter.'' ''no rubber or rubber?'' ''err, any, but the latter is better.''

5) The way you were staring at me, I can tell you were undressing me with your eyes. There are other palms caressing my thighs but you have a good eye. So I’m willing to give you a try.

6) You have a lover and I also have a lover. But I just can’t stop thinking that we could be in a hotel together. For all the time there we will be like Siamese twins who are born, stuck together at the waist until a doctor separates them to make their parents not to bother.

7) You are like bread and I know there is good chocolate inside you. But I can add my cheese to it and it’s nice if you try tasting the two. I love you.

8) Even from a mile, the first thing I notice about you is your smile. Your teeth glitters and it’s so perfect when you laugh because your tongue becomes visible and I feel like a reptile. I feel like flicking my tongue into mouth to touch your tongue.

9) You have put me into a desperate situation. Everyday I look hungrily at your picture, dreaming, fantasizing, hallucinating, imagining but you are missing. Can we stop this my desperate loving?

10) When you sent me all your sexy pics, I immediately knew I was wrong to reject your dreamy hips. My lover will never know, can we go and let me exploit the body behind the pics?

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